THE COW AS A SOURCE OF SCARLET FEVER. There Mr Syme had every advantage, natural and acquired, for indulging his love for flowers, which in him amounted to a passion.

The object of this chapter is to fill a great and conspicuous gap, left open by books of this character, by telling the young mother what general care and treatment she should bestow on her babe during the days when she knows that it often suffers without being able to make known its pains and wants in an intelligible way.


The heart, placed between these, was well developed, enclosed in its pericardium, and surmounted by the thymus gland. As quinine and other remedies are now frequently injected, a time will probably soon come when the stomach will rarely be troubled with medicinal substances. Keep the bit out of the mouth for some time.

The cold air was the cause of the neuralgic pains, and the dirt and dust, striking directly against the post-nasal pharynx, had produced a dry pharyngitis, just as that condition follows an atrophic nasal catarrh: www.medri.uniri.hr.

The -wliolo matter sums itself in this: if the medical directors and examiners are competent and conscientious men, tlieir decisions regarding the character of a risk should be authoritative and final. Their proposition that tlie body should be taken back to the house for the intended examination was resisted by the people in charge of the funeral; and the sheriff's officer had to stop the coffin, which was being carried counlj'y fashion, and placed it upou a roadside heap.

This constitutes the loml treatini'iit The mnstitutionid trentinent is by far more difficult and complicated. His method of preparing the sutures is as follows: The threads are boiled in a solution of soda to remove the fat, and afterward washed in cold water.

Phosphate of lime is an excellent general remedy for rickets. Cliarcot gave in detail tlie histories of two cases in which all the symptoms of the affection were present and had attained considerable intensity, with the exception of the tremor. We may, however, trust some of the antitoxins sent out from Germany, notably Behring's (Hochst) or Schering's (Aronson's); and therefore, until we are in possession of an accessible English carefully standardised antitoxin, we feel obliged, however reluctantly, to recommend that the article which has been made Unfortunately, we are not in a position to calculate accurately the number of units which have been given in those cases less than lOOO units, but go on giving them till you feel sure as to the patient's condition. A nearly new hospital in the city provides an exceptional place to work. This has been well illustrated lately by a case under my care in the prop slipped, and a great mass of the shaly strata fell upon his back, forcing him to the ground upon his knees, which were driven was fixed in the abducted and semiflexed position, with a marked appearance of elongation, and the head of the bone was to be felt with the utmost distinctness beside the perinaium, having been displaced to the inner side of the foramen ovale, so as to rest upon the ramus of the ischium. Mail.medri.uniri.hr - aTROPINE AND APOMORPHINE IN OPIUM POISONING. This should be dealt with immediately, and the insurance company should be notified.

He was most observant, prudent to the verge of over-caution, for he would take nothing for granted of which he was not morally certain. Secondly, had both his legs in a fair state of repair. Perhaps it is for this reason that our indulgence is asked on the score of the book having been written" during the exigencies of hospital and consulting practice." The best books, however, The sections upon sebaceous cyst, anthrax, malignant pustule, dermatitis calorica, nsevus vasculosus, and epithelioma are ndugu, elephantiasis, framboesia, leprosy, ainlium, Madura foot, pellagra, and Guinea-worm disease are by Dr. At any rate, the animal which furnishes the milk must receive an adequate amount of the most wholesome food, avoiding many kinds of green weeds and other articles which give the milk an unpleasant taste or odor.

That the doctor dwells on and justly, as well as the variety of climates of the island.

On the periods have occurred completely free from pain. Dr Richardson, adopting now the views of Lallemand, Perin, and Duroy, that I have held for many years, has quite recently admitted at last that the right side of the heart is the chief weak point; his further supposition that there would be varicose veins, etc., is a purely idea of a very helpful nature, that there will be always a certain number of chloroform deaths, because there is now a certain number or percentage even in the best regulated hospitals. In technical language, we apply this name to those that have such marking, but it is popularly used for any grown cat. Account of the superior claims of the suprapubic and more modern procedure.

Give cm green grass or chopped onions in the food. Previous to this time, the tuning fork had been the principal instrument used by the otologist in differentiating between conductive It had been known for years, that loss by air conduction with relatively normal bone conduction is characteristic of conductive type hearing loss while a loss by both bone and air is a strong indication of perceptive involvement. By John Clay, Professor of Midwifery in Queen's College, and Obstetric Surgeon to the Queen's Hospital, New Burlington street. The only document, however, which accompanies a soldier on active service is his Pay Book (Army A General Routine Order remedied this defect later. The first care of Lord Allenby, after entering the Holy City, was to secure a supply of good water. Bradford said that it was not customary to perform complete excision of tlie hip joint in this country, hut that he Two Cases of Pott's Disease in Children; Difficulty of cases, wliich during the first months j)ointed to disease of the vertebrtB in the cervical region, although no knuckle had yet appeared; but after eight months' treatment in one case and five months' treatment in the other, the error in locating the disease became apparent; the vertebrae really afEected were the Dr. If we now compare the atomic groupings which are characteristic of the cell nucleus, and which have already been re ferred to as constituents of the nucleic acids (Table II) we see, in the first place, an abundance of nitrogen, and secondly a peculiar grouping of this element between the carbon atoms.


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