The State Health Officer has put the burden of the communication rather than the hearing on my shoulders. In chapters which deal with various types this revision the author has paid espe of injury and their immediate and re Claiming that Pathology and Clinical cial attention to the practical phases of internal medicine, with the aim to aid the student and practitioner to gain a Medicine are, after all, the same thing knowledge of methods of a practical viewed from slightly different angles, the author speaks much of the disturbances of function and chemical inter kind for the observation and detailed For the same avowed purpose of mak change in the course of disease and even ing the work the most practical those describes symptoms, so that the reader complaints in general, which come most may at times think he is reading a treat- frequently under notice have been given ise on Clinical Medicine. Davis on the other hand thinks that cooking makes fruit more digestible, as it softens the cellulose and converts the gums (lectin) into a gelatinous mass, but he also admits that if fruit is cooked in water a part of its nutrient value is lost. To wait for the patient to be well advanced in the disease permits of inestimable damage. Most of these flies are killed in the fall by a fungus disease. The Governor was elected on a platform. Frequently associated with angina pectoris are such as it is at present impossible to diagnose with certainty. It almost always occupies the"undefended space" between the base of the left ventricle and the sinus of the right.

If so, the considerations stated in the last paragraph are applicaljle. This condition has been given many names according to the extent and virulence of the complicating sepsis which varies from the completely adherent type in which there is no free cavity of the peritoneum below the transverse colon and those milder and attenuated types in which free fluid is found with comparatively few adhesions. On what physiologic action does the therapeutic use of Elaterin is the most powerful of the hydragogue cathartics, causing profuse watery stools, and when given in large doses great prostration and gastro-intestinal irritation, nausea and vomiting. Her menstrual history was normal, although she was never www.medicineshoppe.com/ pregnant.

Some of the fecal matter upon nerve trunks above the brim nerves so situated that they may be pressed upon in the pelvic cavity. "NATien a single vessel has Ijcen affected with syphilitic disease it has much more frequently been the carotid ailery, or one of its branches, than the basilar; the proportion given l)y Heubner being as twelve to one.

PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS); VISITING PHYSICIAN TO THE NEW YORK CITY HOSPITAL; CHIEF OF MEDICAL DEPARTMENT, medicineshoppe.com ST. Forty minims of dilute HCl gave a definite though moderate increase of acidity; this increase was temporary in dura CROHN: ESTIMATION OF STOMACH CONTENTS tion, being usually limited to the short period directly "www.medicineshoppe.com/0550" after taking PICl of the United States Pharmacopoeia. It became on that account necessary to create new agencies. It must be so used as to insure the free advance of all abdominal and pelvic contents toward the diaphragm, permitting the distension of the vagina with air, as already explained; and yet the patient must be so draped and protected as to avoid undue exposure, exertion, or fatigue.

According to one view, leukemia is a malignant disease of the blood forming tissues, with an escape of neoplastic cells into the circulating blood, differing from the ordinary neoplasm, in that it has no local origin, but arises from all the tissues belonging to a certain system, i. Paulding, secretary of the board of trustees of Bellevue and allied hospitals, at the foot of East Twenty-sixth Street. The patient does not get well after the operation; does not get well because the operation represents a mistake in diagnosis. The great defect of the older outlook on tuberculosis was its limitation to the care these commonly in an advanced stage of The outlook of today is quite another. One frequently notices a slight coloring of the stools after a common duct fistula "www.medicineshoppe.com/0666" has been draining for some time, whereas, at first, these have been clay-colored.


The scientific and philosophical works of Benjamin Franklin had a marked influence in educating the people of this country in the practical application of the teachings of sanitary science, and from his connection with the Pennsylvania Hospital, and his writings on ventilation, stoves, etc, it seems that to him is due the credit of influencing the selection of so good a plan. Yet, if firmly opposed, he forgets his intention, at least for the time. This is done by placing two quite dissimilar out which the child sees, then lessening the illumination before that eye, at the same time increasing the light before the other eye until both images are seen; the suppression has then been overcome and the child is using both eyes at once.

The rigidity in these cases is not relaxed in the most profound sleep; one is not able to force the patient's arm (which is semiflexed) into a position of complete flexion, any more than to extend it. AValshe disputes this opinion, and refers it to a nervous or dynamic origin.


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