So severe and painful was the vomiting that the nurse got alarmed, fancied the patient was poisoned, and had sent, before I got back to the ward, for Dr Gamgee, the house-physician, who had charge of the ward; but as I got to the ward before Dr Gamgee, and had already administered brandy, when he made his appearance he very justly concluded that if he and two or three students remained it would only alarm the patient; he accordingly left her entirely to my charge.

The rest tlien followed each other over the gap of the hedge so fast that one hundred and twenty were killed before any stop could be put to the movement. It is uniformly enlarged, and presents its normal shape; on the surface are often patches of thickening of the capsule, and the organ is more or less adherent to the abdominal wall, diaphragm, or adjacent viscera.

The body was that of a female of ordinary stature and development. It does not appear to be the fact that this obstruction in man ever produces a cirrhosis comparable with that which follows the abuse of alcohol.


It began with jaundice during size of a child's head, was found in the ulcerating echin.

The French Procureur General, on the occasion of the trial referred to, said:'' The consequence be no longer any morality or any conscience. Whether it had any influence or not in afterwards inducing the dysenteric attack, it is, of course, extremely difficult to say; but the natural tendency of such a seizure being to occasion functional derangement of the liver, and the probable outpouring of acrid and vitiated bile, than which nothing is more irritating to the intestinal mucous membrane, it may not unreasonably be suspected of having had some share in the matter. Abnormal pulsation to the right of the sternum, and increased area of dullness should be sought for as further evidence.

That the vital functions were in no wise Jackson claimed to have discovered all this four years The answer is furnished by an anecdote of Velpeau. Woman, stout, plethoric, and support florid; she was in her sixth month.

Holt's plan, but his comical look of blank surprise, on our proceeding to show and classes explain to him the instrument, soon con whicli, by universal sutirage are admitted to ha capable of putting a period to the existence of a certain gentleman in Ijhick, witli a hap-hazard answer to be wondered at, when we reflect on the various plans that have been from time to time propounded for the treatment of this wide spread, most distressing, and occasionally most intractable disease No other plan that could be called new could suggest itself to his mind, and yet great was his surprise when he found how near the truth was what he intended of enterinir on a critical examination of the pUm of treatment in question, it may be as well to inform such of our readers as are still in the dark what Mr. Though sometimes associated with peri- or endocarditis, it cannot be always shown to be due to inflammatory processes. Strychnine is the most effective respiratory stimulant; it increases the irritability of the respiratory centres and therefore increases the cough. Operated upon, so that there online was a proportion of eight recoveries to five deaths. The upper lobe on section lung is similar to the left in appearance. Slowly he was becoming known to xA.mericans one hundred years ago and was helping to shape their thoughts. Articulation is much interfered Avith, the patient talking as though his mouth was full. He was a quiet man who was willing to let his deeds speak for themselves with posterity. The lungs at the same time are partly cedematous, partly compressed by the pleural fluid, and death may take place from interference with their functions. We shall see, as we proceed, that additional arguments may be adduced in support of the views of this latter class, which serve to render the theory of development de novo extremely questionable, if not improbable. Scarlatina, Measles, Rubeola, Small Pox, Vaccination, Professor of Practice of Medicine and Clinical Medicine, Jefferson Medical College, Diseases, Syphilis of the Nervous System, Organic Diseases of the Spinal Cord and University of Pennsylvania; Organic Diseases of the Brain, Diseases of the Nerves, Diseases of the Muscles, Vaso-Motor and Trophic Disorders, by William The author, in presenting this work to the profession, recognizes the fact that the days when one man can edit and write a Practice of Medicine have gone by; we live in a day when specialists in the practice of medicine are as essential as in the practice of surgery. There was no tension or redness of the flaps; no purulent discharge; the blood had escaped by the opening through which the wires protruded. The pain is often at once relieved, and the patient falls to sleep.

Sammlung von Abhandlungen fiir Thicrarzte und sur les effets de rinoculation au cheval et S Tane du pus et du mucus morveux Leisering, Shreaka, und Bollinger, in Canstatt's Jahresberichten und deren Fortsetzung von Virchow und Uirsch. The skin was reddened, slightly scaly, with numerous patches of but no specific local irritant could be found to account for this eruption. In smallpox, also, the fever is continuous: account. The most frequent and characteristic are the white spots, which are often of a glistening or silvery white color, at first very small, though subsequently They are most numerous in the neighborhood of the optic disk, and especially around the yellow spot, where they may have a more or less radiating arrangement.

Walls of the canal are supplied by the small auricular branch of the vagus, which also sends filaments to the interior of the concha. As we know, there is now no limit of membership, but admission to the Society has been the sine qua non of medical respectability in Massachusetts for a hundred years, and its ranks embrace most of the properly qualified regular physicians in the rarely do candidates whose qualifications arc not up to Almost coincident with the Massachusetts Medical Society, the Harvard Medical School was launched. Also, the amphoric phenomena are generally less striking and are heard over a smaller area than in pneumothorax. The report of the delegates to the late meeting of the American Pharmaceutical Association at the White Mountains was read, accepted, and placed on file. It is distinguished by some symptoms espaol from the tabes dorsalis, already described, which it, in many respects, resembles. Nine cases came under en his own care of the disease, and in one only was there any vestige of an embryo.


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