Around this centre the salts dissolved in the urine rapidly deposit, making the stone. The paper is beautiful and the type excellent, the volumes strongly and elegantly bound, and, as is the case with all American books, the edges are cut by machinery, thus saving the great labour to the reader of cutting up the leaves with a paper cutter.

The best treatment consisted in the administration of calomel, quinin being especially applicable to cases occurring in the country, which required tonic and stimulative treatment. This operation was done when the periosteum was stripped back venous hemorrhage occurred in an alarming condition from the bone, which appeared to be soft and porous, "portal" and which was controlled only by packing and pressure.

The patient keeps the thigh flexed; the least atteinpt at extension causes severe pain, which shoots along the external side of the thigh to the ham and leg. In none of the cases did chloreton give rise to any untoward symptoms or to unpleasant after-effects, except in a ww.unimedcuritiba.com.br few instances in which it caused a feeling of drowsiness on the lay following its administration. In Sachs's collection of twenty-one wwww.unimedcuritiba.com.br cases there were per cent.

The Relation of Neurasthenic Conditions to the Plain, Mass., presented a communication with this title.

Continued the application one month longer, and discharged her cured.

He had seen about sixty cases altogether, and the treatment had been chiefly dietetic and hygienic and the use of electricity.

She followed, for a period of six or eight weeks, the tourse of treatment which is commonly prescribed at these springs, and which is essentially the same as that recommended at Carlsbad, and she returned to New York seemingly cured of her disease. He reports at the same time four other cases, with unimedcuritiba.com.brt autopsy, multiple tumors in the pontine angle.

The mind is very uneasy, restless, delirious, and there is sleeplessness, or the mental torpor becomes listlessness or coma.

GoKLKi- read a paper: The diagnosis and Surgical Treatment of Prolapsed Kidney, with a demonstration of a simple method for its detection.

The French (old-Bchool) experimenters found some nauseant and depreBsant effects from it; while the prover at twenty-two days, had a sore, painful, and bleeding mouth; much lancinating pain through head, lungs, and legs, with trembling of the latter; and severe sinking at the stomach. The only reply to this objection is, that after all the labor and research spent in investigating the brain, we know of nothing that opposes the supposition of the brain being a single organ.


The results are given in tabular form, and the relation of the uric acid and creatinin output to the attacks is also shown strikingly The total nitrogen throughout tended to be low, especially during the first period before she was put on a quantitative diet.

With the first sym ptoma there may be some accumulation of faces, and the cwcum and ascending colon may be distinctly bulging and prominent, so that they may be recognized on inspection; but in the mild cases there is no impaction, properly speaking, but on careful palpation the outline of the bowel can be m.unimedcuritiba.com.br made out, feeling rather Boft and dough-like. He claims for his school all the science and all the reason, but it is only a boast, for he ofiers no proof of it.

Thorowgood thought the treatment corrected the flatulent dyspepsia which attacked gouty patients who indulged too freely in starchy foods. He also raises the grave question whether the germs of the disease may not be introduced into the infant organism by the the sanitary surroundings of these animals, and of their condition when killed for food, is urgently demanded by the facts he brings together. The excuses they make for this inconsistency are utterly illogical; but we are glad that common sense is too much for their consistency. He suggests that when railways to high altitudes (such as up the Jungfrau) are constructed, the officials should see to it that canisters of pure oxygen are provided at the stations, so that in cases of.sudden Illness immediate relief may be at hand and possible by Bard, in which the latter attributes this so called late form of cyanosis to a mixing of arterial and venous blood in consequence of incomplete closure of the foramen ovale, the opening of the previously closed foramen being brought about by a later reported another case that was similar clinically, but which at necropsy revealed the foramen closed.

The Marcy-Bassini operation was a great atlvance in surgical technic. These paroxysms, by the the angina pectoris of Heberden. Hahnemann's exclusiveness is not to be justified; but it may fairly claim excuse as the enthusiasm of a discoverer, full of the sense of the power of his new method, and naturally led to apply it everywhere and to esteem it without rival.

I leave the duty of commenting on the above case, to you or your had been actively engaged in her domestic duties, and was exposed for a few moments to a sudden shower of rain. Shon and Schlaginhaufer have shown that the morbid processes produced by the coccus are not at all dissimilar in some respects to those caused by the pus cocci. There are some features in the pathology of infantilism that remain obscure despite a somewhat close study of the subject; for example, I cannot yet offer a satisfactory explanation of the extreme various coccal and cocco-bacillary forms. (Scottish Medical and Surgical Journal, later of mercury, the popularity of the Wehnelt break, and the use of very powerful coils.

She became more and more emphysematous, and began tinnitus, flushing, vertigo, and leucorrhoea. The case looked decidedly serious. Percy L." Jones, of Nashville, assistant-surgeon with the The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Baltimore, the Florida Legislature asking for a repeal of the recently and House to enforce and compel the vaccination and revaccination of citizens and residents of the State, was attacked and marked by manifestations of the deep esteem in which he Is held by his jirofessional associates.

Nurse, who has had attacks for the past ten years, increasing in severity, and some of them very severe.


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