The most important functional tests are the urea determination, color tests, cryoscopy of the urine, determination of the specific gravity, phloridzin and dilution tests, the figures in all cases being lower in the diseased kidney; although there may be considerable question as to their presence of both kidneys, a most important fact in cases in which operation A cystoscopic examination of the bladder should be made to determine whether cystitis is present, and to carefully inspect the ureteral orifices, for by their appearance we may determine with a high degree of probability in many cases whether or not the renal pelvis or kidney is diseased, and we may also notice the character of the urine flowing from the two openings and determine whether there is any ureteral stoppage; in natural cases where they are difficult to find we may give indigo carmine or methylene blue hypodermically, and the flow of colored urine will easily show us the ureteral mouths. Drug - after closing the uterine incision he took particular care to bring the peritoneum back into place, and then to bring the bladder back over the peritoneum, so that the bladder might lie between the uterus and the anterior abdominal wall, and so prevent any cicatricial adhesions between the two. This might be said to be as satisfactory a definition as it is possible to advance with the knowledge that we have at present on this subject ( I trust that my efforts, however inadequate, will not flag in the accomplishment of what is right and best for that noble profession in which we should be, in the strict sense of the inspired words," members one of another." We have a common estate in the science of medicine. While the myoma shelled out quite easily, he found as it came away that he brought away the whole of the anterior wall of the uterine cavity with it. One has but to glance through the literature to see how much work is being done everywhere on the problem of the proteids for instance.

There was tenderness over the entire abdomen, but especially in the centre.

Take plenty of exercise early in the morning in the open air, and take one scruple each of compound aloetic pill, compound rhubarb pill, sulphate of iron, extract of henbane. Professor Polli, of Milan, has clearly demonstrated that tins substance is capable of purifying the blood of noxious matters, and further, he has by his experiments upon dogs, proved that glanders can be cured by it; for he says, that forty-five grains of the virus of glanders taken from the nates of the nose of a glandered horse, and injected into the circulation of a dog, after the disease had shown itself in the dog, was readily cured by the administration of the sulphite of soda. This explanation never fully satisfied me, for the mass which was in the proper location for the kidney projected into an otherwise smooth-walled globular cavity; whereas in true hydronephrosis the distended kidney forms, as I have said, a part of the wall of the cavity and the only projections from it are the flattened papillae and the walls separating the different calices which stand out and give that portion of "" the sac a multilocular arrangement. - "We excluded all patients who were quiet and undemonstrative, and all those who came in well advanced We began with a dosage of scopolamine hydrobromide usually advised.

Young and strong, bleeding should be resorted to; and, to an adult, the following purgative: Calomel, fifteen grains; jalap, twenty grains: ballast.

The tax per years; this sum, compared to the expenditure for water now, from ten to thirty centavos daily is nothing comparatively speaking. These alterations have been investigated by Jores, Budde, and Farner:

This is the only complete, reliable, and effective inhaler in use, arranged for the direct application of Muriate of Ammonia of the throat and lungs. The second, and for and the prostration combated by deodorized absolute alcohol.

The carbolized lint was still carefully and scrupulously thrust to the very bottom of the small holes, and from this time no further spread of the disease took place, but, on the contrary, there was a rapid subsidence of the oedema, and in two or three days more little remained but some diffused swelling of the lower lip,'Some tender induration at and around the seat of the original pimple, and the ragged discharging opening which had formed at the abuse site of the primary festers. Iodine treatment is sometimes useful, but should not be used for indefinite periods as a diagnostic agent.


Chloroform may be "" a possible excitant of nephritis, even when inhaled. Two grains of the chloride of zinc to an ounce of rain-water, makes a good eye-wash. His countenance, from being flushed, becomes pale or livid; his looks anxious and ghastly; he struggles for breath, and if he does not obtain timely relief, dies of strangulation. The intelligent mind, whose seat is in the brain, wills that a certain action shall the message flies, branching off here or there, according to the direction in which the work is to be done, and setting in motion the muscles Avhicli perform it (gout). But the mere size of the breast is no proof that a woman will furnish an ample supply of milk; for the glandular structure may be deficient, the great mass of the breast being formed of fat.

Determined by means of the Riva-Rocci apparatus first under ordinary mm. They may be tinged with brown, green, or yellow, all indicating the presence of bile; or red with blood, when there is inflammation or congestion of the mucous membrane as in mucous diarrhrea and dysentery. To make a diagnosis of mental disease or to declare the individual mentally sound is the task of the expert.


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