Between the ages of three to ten months the operation is safest as it causes less constitutional disturbance during the early period of the animal's life. Tumor formations in the bowel are rare but when causing trouble must be removed by enterectomy (see Enterectomy ). An atypical fever is present during the course of the disease.

This would complicate the symptoms. The medical examiner, for the board reported that the claimant was not totally disabled. It is sometimes necessary to remove small spicula of bone, in eases of anchvlosis, or thev mav become detatched, and act as an irritant, giving rise to swelling of the tissues, and perhaps poll-evil; the symptoms are generally very plain.

Dofe from half a Spoonful to a Spoonful.

After a twenty-grain dose of capsicum in bolus, profound and refreshing sleep for twelve hours was induced, and the patient awoke conscious and restored. Indenbaum, Los Angeles, California Benjamin Jablons, New York City Irving Margulies, New York City Alexander T. DISEASES OF THE REPRODUCTIYE ORGANS.

Ross, it was voted that the President appoint members present to fill The Secretary presented the following veterinarians' applications for membership in the Association: George W. In the and fever had in every case disappeared the day after the administration of the the properties of this substance and the mode of preparation. The studv of numerous cases is opposed to this' conception of hybridism, suggesting rather a simple association of syirntoms, in the sense suggested by Charcot.

Differential diagnosis of these conditions and the principles of surgical therapy are presented. In a few aggravated cases I have found the tongue and even the cheeks affected and swollen, but in the great majority of cases the dental pad only. Council, the following resolutions and order were adopted: Whereas, The foot-and-mouth disease, declared to be a contagious disease by the laws of this Commonwealth, exists to an alarming degree among the cattle, sheep, and swine of the Commonwealth; Whereas, In the opinion of the Chief of the Cattle Bureau of the State Board of Agriculture the public good requires the destruction of certain cattle, sheep, and swine which have been exposed to Whereas, The Chief of the Bureau of Animal Industry of the United States Department of Agriculture, by authority of the Secretary of Agriculture, has agreed to reimburse the owners of animals per cent, of the appraised value of such animals, such appraisal to be made by an expert in the value of cattle, who shall be a citizen of the Commonwealth and appointed by said Chief of the United States Bureau of Animal Industry, and to be based upon the value of such animals when in a state of health; Now, therefore, it is hereby ordered that the following order of the Chief of the Cattle Bureau of the State Board of Agriculture be By virtue of the power and authority vested by law in the Cattle Bureau of the State Board of Agriculture under the provisions of a contagious disease and is so recognized by the laws of this Com monwealth, exists among cattle, sheep, and swine in some sections You are hereby further notified that in order to prevent the spread of this disease this bureau has issued the following order: It is hereby ordered that all cattle, sheep, or swine which have foot-and-mouth disease, or which have been exposed to it, shall be killed in those cases where, in the opinion of the Chief of the Cattle Bureau, the public interests require it. Four outbreaks have come under the writer's personal observation, and in three of these the opportunity was unusually good for careful study of the cases from a clinical standpoint. The illustrations are admirable, although not numerous, and have been reproduced with perfect success in the American reprint.

In secondary or chronic cases reviews injections of tannic acid, ferri sulphate, boric acid, iodoform, or, if may be used. There are two mechanisms producing the eye changes associated with thyroid In the present case the condition is dominated by spasm. Legit - the role of these parasites in the abomasum can be readily determined from the hot that after their expulsion the cachectic symptoms commence to disappear.

Crowfoot, has a Root confifiing of three, four or more, thick, fhort and roundifh or oval yellow Bulbs or tuberous Produtlions from the main Root or Head, like unto the Alphodil Root, from this Root fpring forth three or four winged Leaves fpread upon the Ground, funding upon long Stalks, and confifiing of many fmall Leaves Jet together, fpreading from the middle Rib, every Leaf fome what refembhng the fmallefi and youngeji Leaves of Columbines.

Some complications have question that the new fee schedule should even be discussed. In the ear canal it could easily be missed. Thick and sound, a common hydrocele trocar, and drew off about two drachms of serum tinged with blood from wounding the internal membrane; washed out the cavity with dist.

This can be accomplished safely only through an authorized agency.

Internally, he took one-half a grain of morphia, some three or four times in the twenty-four hours, along with quinia, the tincture of the chloride of iron, and nutritious food, in the form of beef essence, together with an abundance of milk punch.

A recess of fifteen minutes was taken for the collection of dues.


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