" The external use of Stramonium is of much older date than its internal exhibition. Again, it would be of interest to observe the effect of CPAP treatment on the clinical picture of atypical depressives who snore.

It certainly seemed to effect a more thorough introduction of the drug into the circulation, for the ointment was thus made to entirely disappear into the skin. The muscles appeared more fluid than usual, especially the intercostals. Farr" obstetrical, from the anaesthetist's view Aneurism of the arch of the aorta associated with aneurism of the common carotid artery (case report), Appendicitis, chronic; its differential diagnosis and Arsenic, recent investigations on the clinical use of Artery, aneurism of the arch of the aorta associated with aneurism of the common carotid (case repoVt), Arthritis, gonococcal, in a new born male infant (case Atropin, influence of, on the infant's stomach (abs.) Auricular fibrillation, quinidine sulphate in, J. The clinical differences between bovine and human tuberculosis are negligible! In general, one would hesitate to rely upon the information contained for refreshing the memory; or even for cramming, if one intended to take an examination from modem examiners. The most important risk factor for renal failure may be the duration of extracorporeal circulation. Very few cases of diphtheria are met with in which there is not anorexia. Part, yield to simple remedies, such as venisection, sudorifics, that is, in the course of from one to four and six months; frequently expedite, and in particular persons and states of constitutions is necessary to effect, a cure; and that a repetition of it will even, in some cases, be requisite to render Thus have we been able, in the present Number of this Journal, to present our readers at some length with three and we have much exceeded the bounds which, in the general way, it is proper to give to one topic; since the questions at issue are pregnant with most material consequences as well to the profession as to the community.

Is rare to have external signs before twelve or fourteen One cannot judge from the surface what is going on underneath.

I say the irritation, for we cannot refuse to the stomach a considerable degree of irritability; but it is contractile, as the author of the note asserts, who says that when he handled it he felt it contract and expand alternately; but which, after all, could only extend to a contractility of the tissue, and does not invalidate the result of the experiments of which M. Any member of this Society may be called to do this and I have no doubt you would meet all the! requirements of the case possible under the circumstances. It was not a spermatocle containing tailless spermatozoa, for the liquid lay undoubtedly within the cavity of the vaginal tunic, and not in any superficial cyst springing from the body of the testicle, and lying outside the cavity of the vaginal tunic; morever, if the moving granules in the liquid had been tailless spermatozoa, they would have hidden their diminished heads.

Sulphur is generally burned in an iron vessel placed on sand, or floating in a tub of water. The operation is most easily performed whilst the patient is sitting on a chair, with his head leaning against the breast of the operator, who stands behind the chair, and directs the knife inwards, downwards, and a little backwards, whilst he keeps the lower eyelid stretched by the finger of the left hand applied upon the margin of the orbit. My only purpose is the expression of a saner and more rational hope, and that hope is that some younger man, listening to me to-day, or reading these words elsewhere, gifted with the requisite information, ability, judgment and modesty, may take up this question of pneumonia, and pursuing it patiently at the bedside and in the laboratory, may finally so disentangle it that his labours will confer immortality upon himself, and prolonged life upon THE CANADIAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION JOURNAL HEMOLYTIC STREPTOCOCCIC INFECTIONS IN CHILDREN THE circumstances which led up to this study may be stated briefly as follows: Not long after becoming associated with the Hospital for Sick Children, we were impressed with the frequency with which cultures from various types of inflammatory lesions showed the presence of hemolytic streptococci. (A) Indiridual lectures forming the main pari of local society meetings: This plan has been in operation in the past, and constitutes the procedure adopted by a large majority of the county societies. - from a physical point of view, certainly nothing could be more objectionable than u long journey immediately subsequent to the marriage ceremony. He is a good type of the class of men that most frequently come before us, men who are habitual users of alcohol.

The operator may offer to assume all responsibility, but it can only be thus shifted if the anaesthetist is imder his As a rule no person may be anaesthetized without consent, in the case of a child, that of the parent or guardian, in the case of an insane person, that of someone in authority. But, one might argue, a law of that kind would open the way for endless litigation for the reason that the scope of sanitation is so vast that it is the warp and woof which weaves the web of our existence, either for health and happiness, or disease and misery, according as we adhere to, or disobey, its injunctions, for it pertains to everything that enters into the human economy, the air we breathe, the liquids we drink, the food that is eaten, our clothing, the soil and vegetation about us, the construction, heating and ventilation of public and private buildings and drainage of our surroundings. Diastase is a peculiar substance which causes the ripening of fruits and vegetables by converting their starches into dextrins and sugars; hence fruit becomes more and more digestible as it ripens. Instead Df air, water, and a cooling regimen, the curtains were drawn in the room of the sufferers, fires were kept up, and the food and medicine were of the most heating kind. Where pus cavities are found, or many sinuses exist, of course this operation is not advised, but in the selected cases mentioned, I am sure that the advantage claimed for it will be realized.


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