In view of the late crusade of saloon-keepers against alleged dramselling-druggists, the compliment should be returned by prosecuting quinine-selling liquor dealers. It will be found when the circular rosette of bladder tissue has been completely separated, that the remainder of the ureter can be easily dissected free, and care should be taken without any traction to follow it back in its curve, so that it will, when transplanted into the rectum, run practically in a straight line from the brim of the pelvis to its new situation This part of the operation having been completed on both sides, the surgeon's attention is next directed towards laying bare the lateral wall of the rectum. As regards the etiology of this form of disease, we are in possession of hardly a single well-established fact.

Bransby Cooper came in also, with his usual with him (partly, I believe, to hide or.shade his injured eye, which had been lost by some accident when a boy). Thus the assumption of an ovum being impregnated by onltf a few or (jrcat many spermatozoa is absurd, and tlie false theory, with all its deductions, vanishes before this Mr. It is quite clear that the prognosis may be profonndly modified by the jDlan of treatment adopted. By THOMAS MORTON, formerly one of the House of Surgeons of the University College representations of the surgical relations of the prostate ( These include the use of Lipoflavonoid, introduced by Dr.


Hijijyoc'ratis cribro'sa, Ethmyphe, reticula' ted, filamentous, laminated, crih'riform, porous, are'olar, and mucous Tissue, Retic'ular or cellular the organic tissues.

Beyond this lies terra incognita, in the mid portion of which a mighty sea, almost as large as the Mediterranean, rolls unseen its salty waves. But there is an organic and more permanent defect of the facial nerve present, the nucleus of which is a little higher up, but not far from the same situation.

Charles McBurney read a paper The Treatment of Inguinal Hernia with Reference to Radical Cure, in which he first mentioned a procedure adopted in three cases for radical cure of hernia, and accounted for the return of the tumor by the fact that, in addition to securing a dense cicatrix in the canal, he had failed to remove redundant peritoneum, and thereby to carry out an essential step in the operation, namely, to restore, at the point where the hernia begins, a tense, smooth internal surface of the abdominal wall. Fake - the introduction of a catheter or sound into the bladder or Eustachian catheter, to probe or sound a cavity. By increasing or diminishing the loss caused by radiation, convection, and Clothing may, however, affect the loss of heat from the skin, for, as a rule, it is composed of substances which are bad conductors of heat, and hence in its interstices, and hence the danger of chills while wearing damp clothes. It is evident, from what has the respiratory significance of which is indicated by the fact must result both in disturbances of the respiratory organs and in derangements of the quality of the blood, and of nutrition These disturbances reach a particularly high grade when nursling when it is unable to breathe through the nose, a condition which may arise from a simple"cold in the head." As the child is obliged, for its proper nourishment, to suck with the mouth for a long time, the difficulty of breathing, due to closure other text-books on diseases of children, especially Kussmaul, Zeitschrift f. The retrieval value is obviously dependent upon the accuracy of the input. When well developed it forms a triangular-shaped mass hanging down between the legs, with the base downwards and the apex upwards towards the pubcs. It was, however, the consensus of the Reference Committee that the work described properly belongs to the Committee on Medical Economics and recommended that that committee include it in their duties. The legit ancients thought, that the basilic of the right arm had some connexion with the liver, and hence they called it hepatic. This autumnal flux, like all fluxes that I have seen, exerted Dysenteries, as well as other disorders, in hot climates, in autumn, partake more of a putrid, than of an inflammatory nature; and perspiration is raised with less difficulty; and with gentler medicines, than it is at other times, when the fibres are more rigid, and the air more dry and elastic; for which reason, mild diaphoretics, such as antimonial, or ipecacuanha wine, and laudanum, were used in the camp this autumn; and evacuations, particularly bleeding, were sparingly made. The patient has his eyes closed, but opens them remains silent and immovable in the intervals. The leech, while biting, keeps Itself and the skin of the victim moist by liquid excreted by the nephridia and the dermal glands. The first chapter deals with the electrical phenomena of depolarization and repolarization and the physical and physiological phenomena dependent upon and resultent from these. Pathogenic Differs from all the other species of Sporotrichum by the elonjiated nue, and black chlamydospores may be present.


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