This test solution has an in a test tube, and add a few drops of the filtrate. Thus among the conditions of etiological moment have been given diabetes mellitus and other grave disturbances of nutrition (scrofula, rickets) and unhygienic surroundings; but of very great importance in this relation appears to be the defective care of the mouth and teeth and particularly an accumulation of tartar on the teeth. In the posterior wall of the uterus was as the right side showed signs of chronic inflammation. No vessels of their own, however, are present in these epithelium-like.groups, and their character, their structure, and their arrangement so closely resemble the trophoblast cells observed in normal gestation that any other view is not to be considered. Besides the Prolegomena, Volume L contains some of the Acute here, have been transferred to the Tropical Medicine section. Wells, of New York City, a translation of the essential points of what transpired has been made and compiled, interest; but the French reading physician "linkedin" is referred to the full" Transactions," which may be obtained from the Secretary General at a cost in gold of about the same as our own Transtions. I think the following observation proves that this pressure is due to vaginal contractility alone, and I detail it here, for I wish the in the left lateral prone position; we have thus as nearly as possible in the living subject eliminated the action of the abdominal muscles and the pressure of the viscera.

The duct stratified epithelium is thin, probably desquamated as a result of a deposit of leucocytes beneath it; farther down the stratified epithelium is thicker, especially on the outer wall, from obliquity of the section; deeper still it becomes very thin from desquamation; at the bottom it merges with the cancer. Tbis occurred fifteen to twenty or even more times after could be produced in tbe gastric region, extending to two fingerwidtbs below tbe navel. If no person comes forward, the bet Bets agreed to pay or receive in town, or at any other particular place, cannot be declared off on the course. They fitly end a work which will make its author as famous in this country as in his own. The horse is an animal of great intelligence; but everything addressed to his perceptions should be clear, ijhort, and distinct, for he is incapable of following a train of spoken language. His plan of procedure is as follows: Two hours before the patient should go on the table he is given an injection of morphine is repeated one hour before and again thirty minutes before operation actually begins. In this complaint gentle exercise IS absolutely necessary where the disease is confined to the frog and sole of the foot, but moisture is carefully to be avoided. Canssidou has even been in doubt if, by administering salicylate of soda from the outset of typhoid fever, it would not be possible to limit the duration of the disease to the first week (?), and if, at least, it would not be possible to obtain a number of trouble, and exhaustion in patients where the I salicylate of soda brought on a too sudden tpyrexia. We make space, in spite of the crowded code condition of our columns, for a copy of the Act, passed recently, regulating the practice of medicine in California.

Lie said that its poisonous effects were understood in ancient times, but that it passed into disuse. In one instance the pleural surface was studded with calcareous deposit reviews in the form of very thin plates. In our opinion the real friends of temperance and sobriety have no ground for satisfaction with this or any similar legislation; a sound and moderate law, based upon the protection of others against the offender, and not upon the idea of making the offender himself"good by act of parliament," and that law impartially and rigorously administered, would have stood a much better chance of effective enforcement.

Some authors say the lymphatic temperament predisposes to it, and Bazin says the hypertrophy of the thyroid bears to scrofula the same relation that hypertrophy of the thymus round, closed follicles bound together by connective-tissue stroma into round or oval lobules.

For about twenty-four years he had been subject to temporary attacks of blindness in the left eye, which would last a few minutes and pass completely away. (The outer tube is sometimes obtusely pointed so that it may enter more easily, but this makes it more dangerous to the interior.) But, if the terminal edge of the outer tube be blunted or made thicker, so as to better protect the interior, then it necessarily presents a resisting margin or shoulder outside and behind the point of the inner tube, liable to catch and carry before it the sac, or the immediate investment of the cavity, and so fail to properly enter. With the right hand she fills the funnel and tube from the jug, and then, releasing the tube and raising the funnel, she allows the lotion to flow into the bladder, compressing the tube again just before the funnel is empty.

At the time of the size of a large orange; the upper, more movable mass was a dermoid ovarian tumour with a long, slender, twisted pedicle.

It is more common in women than in men, I have patients on this platform into whom I could stick a pin without their knowing it. Here indeed the constant localization within the broad ligament has given rise' to erroneous views. Spontaneous and exhausting hemorrhages into the peritoneal cavity may occur.

A marshy, undrained soil, with collections of stagnant water, provides ideal conditions for the multiplication of mosquitoes and other blood- sucking insects, and is therefore favourable to the presence of malaria, yellow fever, the filariases, and similar diseases. The left globe is slightly dropped, due probably to involvements of the corpora quadrigemina.

For this purpose, I have used coupon the steam-draught inhaler, by means of which, owing to the free admixture of fresh air with the vapor to be respired, the inhalations can be prolonged for several hours; and, there being no eff'ort of inspiration, one of the main difficulties in obtaining the desired result in young children is overcome.

As a rule, the perception of taste and smell is blunted in the aged.


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