Hook-worm disease has been recognized since the proven until within comparatively recent years.

The abdominal reviews wound was then closed, and the patient made an uninterrupted recovery. "Vital capacity is the amount of air expressed in cubic While some authors, such as Andvord. The complete intrathoracic operation is a serious one and should not be lightly undertaken. From then until within the last two years, nothing occurred in medical science to sustain this view. It may be stated in general terms that digitalis is of special value in all conditions in which dilatation of the heart cavities has resulted in valvular disease from failure of the In tricuspid lesions, both obstruction and insufficiency, digitalis is useful in the same manner as in mitral disease and particularly so in insufficiency associated with dilatation of the right ventricle; as a rule, however, the beneficial results are less marked than in mitral defects, and as in the latter the rational signs usually furnish clearer indications for the employment of the drug than do the physical. The symptoms certainly would lead one to think that the ball had passed through the lung; but, on the man's admission into Fort Pitt, nearly eleven months after the receipt of the injury, the medical officers of the institution were led to the conclusion that the ball had passed externally to the pleural cavity, principally from the absence in the cicatrix of deep puckering or adhesion, which would have been present That symptoms apparently denoting perforation of the lung may be produced when such an event has not occurred, has been proved by post mortem" I saw all the symptoms of a gun-shot wound of the lung, including copious spitting of blood, and intense dyspncea, with subsequent inflammation of the lung, in a case where, after death, I ascertained that the bullet had simply coursed outside the chest, fracturing the scapula and one rib. In the cases reported it seems that collapse preceded the distention, which then could not have been the cause of the collapse. In order that the increasing good which is manifested by the isolation of cases suffering with phthsis may be realized to its fullest extent it is the ideal of every institution for tuberculosis to provide such isolation for every case wiihin its wards as long as they are a danger to the community. Woodbury, who subsequently threw herself on the mercy of the court, stating that what had been done was done through ignorant and for which an apology was offered. Two may be classified as t,ypical, since they conform with the characteristics of lymphosarcoma laid down by MacCallum, Sternberg, Paltauf and Kimdrat. There just wasn't a good enough reason for I also learned this summer that alcoholism is not hopeless.

The daily cool bath may be recommended to such as obtain a proper reaction after being subjected to it. The patient's attention is first called to the existence of this disease by a feeling of fatigue in the legs, this progressively increases until walking becomes difficult owing to the increased spasticity and paralysis. We apprehend, most physicians must feel that this Latin oration is, at the present time of day, a complete anachronism. Be that as it may, and even if it does seem more"professional" for doctors to submit their bills at long intervals, they ought not to be the people who should be kept waiting for their money. There is probably a virulent and nonvirulent type, the latter often being formed in the vaginae of pregnant and in afebrile post-partum cases. It is certain that very many useful di'ugs that are imported here in a very short time liecome inert and worthless, whereas drugs that arc indigenous remain in the pure state for months and years; thus the hohih, a drastic cathartic, the iikcJi!, a verniifugc, cdsxiti, and several others with whicli I am acquainted, are known to retain their ollicial counti-y which, for their tonic and stomachic ctTect, far excel gentian, quassia, and other barks. Among the fundamental results of these changes was the development of a closed circulatory system of vertebrates, the fluid contained in which became henceforth independent of the composition of the contemporary ocean, and, as we have seen, of the ocean of subsequent "review" periods even after many millions of years, as in the case of the vSelachians (sharks), marine Teleosts (cod, herring) and the Cetacea (whales). The two extren views are found about equally common in neurolog that in whatever light the subject of family degeneracy will be finally viewed, many with nervous diseases recover, although possessing marked family as well as personal evidence' of degeneracy; such patients also recover nearly as promptly as those showing a cleaner history. The necropsy, revealing some congestion of the lungs and bronchi, a well-pronounced injection of the gastric mucous membrane where the poison was administered by the mouth, and distention of the gall-bladder and bile-ducts. Abdominal distention must be guarded against and the bowels should be While it is doubtful if any of the mineral waters affects the disease in any way it is quite certain that life at the various spas, when the climatic condi tions are proper, benefits many patients, probably because of the regulation of diet, exercise, and mode of life prescribed at these resorts.

Benson's Illustrated Pamphlet on purchase of a watch, and enables those who live in any part of the world to select a watch and have it sent by post.

Cottondevotes several paragraphs to this injury, remarking that it is relatively, but only relatively, rare, but no mention is made of of this epiphysis has been demonstrated by specimen in a few cases and suspected in a number of others, but that there is reason to believe that it is even rarer than fracture of the neck at the same age. They are arranged in two rows of four, each of the two medical officers on duty dealing with the cases in one row. The cause, in these instances, was the drinking of water from the Delaware River, which the sailoi's, following an old custom, dipped from the side of the vessel within a few feet of the open outlets to I was very much interested in the story of the poor washerwoman's family.


The circumscribed type is the more common and may be of trophoneurotic causation. If, during the course of an acute or chronic otitis, mastoiditis or sinus thrombosis develops the sequence is apparent. The fringed edges of ordinary trusses, in which the cushions were made by stitching, were constantly chafing the skin; but by turning these cushions into a metallic capsule or clip, the edges and surface of the pads became exquisitely smooth and soft.


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