In other instances we find that local authorities rely on visits made by relieving officers or the police or by sanitary inspectors. On the successful treatment of a case of Hadduck (Cbarles B.) An address delivered Haden (Cbarles Thomas). At the autopsy a large mass of medullary cancer was found in the left code chest. The constitution and by-laws have been revised I y the same committee for submission to the annual meeting according to the resolution passed by your Council. In twelve days tlie uri)io was sugar-free and the morning blood sugar had fallen to remained so, although the calorie value was increased to before, had not yet fallen to normal. If we do not discuss it tliej- will probably assume, and again with reason, that we are quite satisfied that in insulin we possess a" cure" for diabetes, and that nothing more needs to be said on the assumed this, and perhaps such an assumption is not surprising in view of certain generalizations that have got abroad and which, if they do not carry the hall-mark of authority, at have not been authoritatively contradicted.

For this theory would speak the facts that this incontinence is rare during sleep, that it becomes worse towards evening, and above all that the muscle almost always finally performs its function perfectly, generally in a few months, in the same manner as other organs which develop to meet additional work Against it would be the very strong and probably decisive whole prostatic urethra has been removed, not even temporary The folloM-ing statements in one of Freyer's articles certainly go far to prove the correctness of my theory. There was dj-spnea on exertion at all times, but after meals this became more marked, and with it was noticed palpitation. Resident practitioners Post-Graduate Studies, Pathological Department, Bristol Daily Post-Graduale Study.

Eapport sur I'emploi de I'iode dans le deuto-iodure de mercure dans le traitement du goitre; des engorgements ehroniques de la rate et du cairean Orceiihow (H, M.) On the treatment of goitre with the mlt subcutanen, resp.

I would even concede that they arc of service in the treatment of more deeply placed infections such as prostatitis; but while recognizing the aid they lend, I am convinced that there is a very grave danger at the present time of employing instruments too freely, especially in the case of posterior infections, and of thereby actually prolonging the course of tlie disease we arc attempting to cure. The boy likewise possessed full power over it, and permitted it to be handled and pressed without inconvenience.

But I I prefer Alexander's operation to ventral fixation: because it is safer (at least I claim that opening the peritoneal cavity can never be entirely free from danger); because it is more logical and rational to substitute a normal position of the uterus for an abnormal one, that by again putting that organ in an unnatural position as is operatiqn; and finally because, after ventral fixation, if the abdominal walls are thin and relaxed they are drawn inward and downward by the steady traction of the uterus, and the displacement returns. Under the title of Youth and the Race"- the Fourth Report of evidence, has been published under the editorship of the by a body of forty members, of whom fourteen belonged to the medical profession, and the evidence was given by thirty-one witnesses representing psychology, education, and medicine. Coupon - the dangers shared by the ordinary starch bandage with the other forms of" the movable" dressing were mentioned, and the speaker then described his own modification. Ueber das Verbalten des indigsclnvefel sauren Natrons im Knorpelgewebe lebender. Scheele devised a process for procuring phosphorus from bones, and this process, with a few improvements, is the one now in operation: review. Another danger from cocaine arose from this vePi" important property of temporarily depleting the tissues of blood, for operations done under cocaine anesthesia were sometimes followed by secondary- hemorrhage. Five months after operation it is noted that the fundus is very closely and firmly adherent to the vaginal wall,"as if nailed to it." Labor at full term; cervix high up in the pelvis; transverse position of the child; under narcosis version after Braxton-Hicks method; delivery of a living child of eight pounds; good recovery. There was no one point where iIh- cf.t seemed to show any delillite relation to the probable entrance of the needles Used in puncturing.

I believe it to be possible to destroy the over-sensitiveness of peripheral nervous filaments in this way, and to control many of the annoying vasomotor disturbances which are frequently seen in the nostrils. The opening chapters are by Dr.

There are but few instances in which hemorrhage from any source may be said to be alarming save in operations for the removal of intensely vascular sarcomata.

The skin is rendered coarse, resembling healthy skin when viewed under a powerful lens. DiEetopbilus: physische und psychologische Geschichte seiner siebenjiihrigen Epilepsie.

Examination is also of the greatest aid in the differential diagnosis of this condition from the multitudinous inflammations and new formations which occur in the pelvis and its organs. Examinations of the organs of these animals showed that the fungal cells accumulated only in the lungs, where they thrombosed the blood-vessels. Again, after an antiseptic washing, abscesses were sometimes closed up, and were said to adhere under a tightly compressing bandage.

About two weeks after this report the patient died quite suddenly. A rubber bandage was always used as a tourniquet, and the leg firmly bold by an assistant at the opposite leg. Diet, hygiene, and medicine may all fail us then, and why? Because by frequent reflex habit the X RAYS FOR EXHIBITING INVISIBLE OBJECTS IN MOTION. Untersuchungen iiber die Herz- und Ge Zur niiheren Kenntniss des Froschherzens und seiner Recent views on tlie innervation of the heart.


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