But whatever may be said upon this head, it can only be replied, that the practitioner is advised not to have recourse to antiphlogistic remedies in the treatment of pneumonia, because it is firmly believed that no amount of venesection can remove the exudation which has taken place into the air-sacs; while the more the patient is weakened the greater will be the fear of our failing to restore him to health.

There was no evidence of ordinary ascites. In the practice of medicine, which from its very essence must forever be impregnated with humanitarianism, self-exploitation can find no justification if one has due regard for the imperfections of medical science and for the ability of others. The societies are "" now in full work.

A hearty meal generally predisposes to it. The question arises, is this a fair To answer the question, it seems justifiable to compare the Wassermann reactions of our relatively small group of sterile patients with other groups of patients where our experience has been These two tables show that, with normally pregnant patients, the incidence of syphilis is about halt that found among the non-pregnant patients. The positive elevation and hardness of each papule constituting the eruption readily distinguishes it from any of the exanthematous fevers, while the minute vesicle on the apex of the hard papule equally distinguishes it from the larger vesicles without any hard base of varicella. The disappearance of the tumor during the time that the uterus is kept in its normal position, makes the diagnosis certain; but if any confirmation be still needed it may be found in the circumstance that after the withdrawal of the sound the fundus will be gradually felt falling back again. From the results of the microscopic examinations it majr be said that the muscular fibrillse had degenerated into a granular amorphous substance, or into fat globules, the empty sarcolemma or tunic of the elementary fibre having been broken up, so that only a little connective tissue was left. I have recommended that the crews of these vessels be detained on board and not allowed to go ashore. Through it a pair of forceps is passed from behind, in order to grasp the round ligament about an inch from its uterine end. Have fallen under my own care, so that I only bring them under your notice to state completely the case for operation as it presents itself to me.

Deglutition was somewhat difficult, but I succeeded in the administration of calomel and opium, twenty grains of the former and six of the latter. If the epigastric and pudendal veins open into the internal saphenous trunk, they should also be When there are large masses of veins on the limb, not affecting the saphenous vein above the knee. All practitioners, wliether members of the Association this District will take place at the Lyric Hall, Ealing, on Thursday, Some of the Duties and Experiences of a Ship's Surgeon. The latter process being reserved for animals with local maladies, tlie former for tuberculosis, anthrax, and so forth. The old, even the medieval, has been retained and the new, as it has been developed, has been injected until educational courses are distended to the point of bursting, and the pupils are given a smattering of an infinite variety of things, of the larger colleges and universities, this is far from It is to prevent this enormous dissipation of energy, to concentrate effort upon a few lines of work definitely and evidently connected with medicine, that I have urged the establishment of pre-medical courses ( It should be fitted with several evacuating catheters of different Ether having been administered, the first step should always be the introduc tion of the stone-searcher in order to be certain that the stone is still in the bladder. When recovery has happened and examinations have been made after the lapse of years, the diaphragm has been seen to have become abnormally adherent to neighboring viscera; while it has also perhaps been found considerably thickened, with its tissue rendered almost as dense as cartilage. The statement of the Council concludes with the following summary: limitations. Post-oflice orders should be made payable at the West Central District Office, High Holborn.

These baths were given night and morning. To-day an apparatus, lent by Dr.

The grinding down of the general practitioner by the various means indicated is steadily increasing, and I venture to prophesy that it will not be long before there will be a shortage of general practitioners in the cities. Radcliffe Cbocker said that for the last two years he had treated small patches of lupus by excision. Inhabitants of rural districts do not want an elaborate system of bureaucratic state medical aid such as has been proposed. This mark of merit, like rays of light which were given in some instances, has been commonly held to have been accorded him because he was the son of Apollo, to whom the tree was sacred. So rapidly have new applications of science and new discoveries followed each other that the mind is bewildered at the vision of the possibilities that open before the causal relations existing between public health and public prosperity, between health of body and intellectual possibilities and even of spiritual aspiration, are too patent for discussion.

: The Fate of Women with in Patients with Angina Pectoris and R. It has long been known that the bile of venomous serpents was a powerful antidote to the venom. This tragic situation has occurred in our experience and in the experience of my colleagues in a small number of patients both with forward and with retrograde aortographic study. At times this method will fail, when incision of the duct and removal of the concretion, as first performed by Mr.

The tumor and its attachments can then be thoroughly explored; and if it appear probable that the growth may be successfully removed we ought to proceed to induce further dilatation, supposing it seems to be required.

Death will possibly be due to hemorrhage, or to apnoea caused by food passing through the false opening into the bronchi.


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