Analysis of these two cases, and of six other published the disease to be more prolonged than usual, the average three boys, wliicli seems to indicate that the great preponderance of male cases in adult general paralysis tends to disappear in these juvenile cases. Habitual use of tobacco, both in smoking and chewing, and of strong spirituous liquors being mainly productive of the original affection.

A late chlorosis has also been described, but its existenoe must be rare. This she declined, and pressed for" tonic treatment," promising that if such failed she would come back to me after a visit to Wales. If the stomach-tube is inserted large quantities of a watery, low acid (absent free acid) fluid may be expressed. The daily amount requisite to meet the caloric needs every two hours during the day. The uterine incision was prolonged downward further than usual, resulting in a minute uterine fistula, which was afterward healed by using a drainage tube. Kest in bed, blistering, leeches, salines, and careful dieting failing to remove the pain and tenderness in the region of the appendix, and as, moreover, there was fever of two or three degrees at times, especially on getting up, I came to tlie conclusion that there was some condition of the appendix causing the relapses. The cold weather while it lasts seems to do good to invalids, improving tlie appetite, promoting sleep, and invigorating the strength; and the low temperatures at night are far above those to which invalids at Davos and St.

If this were true, there shoidd have been no diminution in the number of according to the reasoning of these gentlemen, the number of cases should have been increased by calling attention to the malady in enforcing the muzzling by the influence of the Pasteur treatment (online). With a fluid at the negative pole, and all the most resistant forms of bacteria were destroyed at the positive pole, including alone, by means of Du Bois-Reymond's method of nonpolarizing electrodes and exclusion of fake chemical effects by either within a helix of wire or between the poles of a powerful electro-magnet, has no antiseptic or bactericidal Ruhmkorff coil, passed through bouillon cultures for ten have neither antiseptic nor bactericidal properties when passed around a bacterial suspension within a solenoid. L., aged forty-four years, bom in Germany, fount Zion pharmacy Hospital clinic. By comparison of different specimens it was possible to follow the affection through all its different stages; a thing not previously accomplished. Ray Lankester divides Hydrozoa into Scyphomedusa; and Hydromedusae. It is carried to the left and downward, sometimes to the sixth interspace, corresponding with the degree of hypertrophy of the left ventricle.

It"a special form of lobar pneumonia." He contends that lobar pneumonia terminates only in resolution or in death, and that this special disease, with its production of newly-formed connective tissue, is a distinct form of inflammation.

It forms colourless, hexagonal prisms, sparingly soluble in emerald green, and with nitric acid an orangered, and with sulphuric acid containing iron a rose-red, solution, the latter changes to violet on heating. The structure of the gland remains normal, but like to that which occurs during pregnancy.

These changes lessen the transverse diameter of the thorax in front and interfere with the lung expansion in the anterolateral portions of the chest. Lamella, a thin plate Iiamellicorn'ia.

Invitus, -a, -um, adj unwilling. Brachet's term for the plan of treating diseases of the eyes by promoting the secretion of the ophthalmic nerve. The medical authorities at the Royal Infirmary report that Edinburgh and l' in the county of Midlothian were reported last week. Some, as Merkel, deny its existence, believing the vitreous humour to be bcunded by the membrana limitans interna of the retina, the posterior lamina of the zonula ciliaris, and the posterior capsule of the H. Explained by avis a pericecal abscess. Tiedemann and Gmelia and other pathologists have since then repeated these observations. These review statistics indicate that the ratio between these cases in France and Germany does Dulles thinks. The true kidney blastema in the Fowl extends from the thirty-first to the thirtvfourth segment, and collects round swellings of the ureter, from which renal tubules grow out. I have been present at all his cases, and have assisted him in quite a number, and have been astonished at the small amount of bleeding occurring at the operation. The following case, reviews on account of the rapiditvofits course, seems to be worthy of report. I do not think I ever saw a single rupture due to the fact that the head was too large to pass through the coupon vulva under any circumstances, though I suppose such a disproportion may occur with monstrosities, or in cases of maternal pelvic contraction; but in the latter class of cases the contraction -would probably prevent the head ever reaching, much less tearing, the perineum. Mineral waters, mostly sulphuretted, from more than twenty sources, arise near the town, and are used in chronic gout and rheumatism, intestinal affections, and skin diseases. In order to have it dealt with by a justice The presence or absence of"wasting" in a carcass affected with tubercle does in many districts weigh with the officers of the sanitary authorHy as to whether it shall be seized or not.


Although the arguments are plausible, and we would not deny a predisposing influence to the altered blood, we think the author underrates legit the microbic factors in the common pulmonary diseases.


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