Large accumulations of flatus with much liquid faeces can often be removed by the rectal tube, which had best be worn for a short time rather than frequently introduced.' The lecturer, referring to operations for the radical cure of hernia, stated his belief that many of the statistics of the results of this operation were worthless, insufficient time having elapsed to demonstrate whether a cure had really been effected ( Hiccough, coming on in the intermediate moments between the threatening of death and the beginning of reaction, is a favourable sign, and generally announces the return of circulation. In this he thought he was mistaken, and that if the uterus is first straightened by the sound, and a Hodge introduced which is not too much curved in its posterior limb, the retroflexion may be removed, especially if, during the treatment, ergot is freely administered along with some form of bark. The anxious countenance was nearly lemoved, and the voice, which before was scarcely audible, became more distinct.

Offer them my best wishes for their success.

I)r Macdonald stated that he was persuaded there could be only paper which had now been read. One of the first cases in which I attempted suprapubic drainage in chronic cystitis, was that of a man, who, having exhausted all remedial means without help, was operated upon by a distinguished surgeon of Philadelphia: linkedin. They are doubtless the embryos, somewhat undeveloped, inasmuch as the portion of the worm examined was that nearest the tail, and the total length of the worm makes it probable that it showed itself before attaining complete maturity. This sight certainly at first stirs hard thoughts within us, but the arrangement is not so cruel as it appears. It experienced the yellow fever sources of insalubrity within its boundaries." Whence, then, did this distemper proceed in however excessive, cannot produce it; and if this city is free from those local causes to which it has beet! imputed by the anti-contagionists, no other source or cause of it proper to this city having been shown to exist, whence did it these years, the distemper existed, previously to its appearance in Xeres, in Cadiz, Malaga, San Fernando, and Puerto Santa Maria; and Dr. When these states of consecutive disease are severe, they not seldom carry off the patient; and, where recovery takes place, are frequently accompanied with tedious convalescence. Sometimes the undigested mass, which irritates the intestinal mucous membrane, as it courses along, producing diarrhoea. In them, the hard undigested parts, as bones, The saliva, as you know, is a frothy, watery, slightly alkaline fluid, largely secreted from the parotid, sublingual, and submaxilliary glands.

The greatest service he can render China is to call out and train a band of disciples of Christ whose passion is the saving and uplifting of their country.

Years ago, as a by-product of some research involving rabbits, I learned that the surest way to increase intestinal gas enormously and produce ileus was to slow the intestinal current by starvation. I should like to say, furthermore, that the work of the Society not only tells for immediate good upon the members of it, but it reacts beneficially on the work of the classes which they attend. Moreover, some patients submitted to it with difficulty. He took it to pieces and put it together again twenty times. In some cases of this kind recorded by Mr. When questioned he complained of no settled pain; but on pressing gently with my finger upon the upper part of the trachea, pain was produced, and spasms of the neck simultaneously occurred. We may adduce several arguments in favour of the opinion that medicines and poisons are conveyed to the parts on which their remote action is principally observed, but absolute proof or demonstration cannot be oflered: our facts merely prove the passage of medicinal particles into the blood, and the affection of the remote organs; but the link which connects the two phenomena cannot be, or at least has not yet been, shewn. Pbilips's letter:" Till the functions of the sensorial and nervous powers are clearly distinguished, and the nature of the latter ascertained, all discussions respecting them must more or less be, as they have always hitherto been, involved in error and consequent confusion." In conclusion, I again disclaim for my viesvs respecting the changes of the blood and animal heat, a necessary connexion with any of the various opinions ANALYSES AND NOTICES OF BOOKS. The differences which divide obstetrical authorities concerning the ante-partum douche is not so much the result of conflicting experiences as of doctrinal convictions. Salinas spread from this port, extending from town to town, even as far as the coast of Syria. To strophanthine; but there are cases in which neither the tincture of strophanthus nor of digitalis is well borne, and in such strophanthine is a valuable substitute. Pressure on the epigastrium is often felt more acutely in the back than at the point where it is exercised. It is the case of a steamer compelled to burn its own furniture and timbers, in the absence of fuel. By Clinical Surgery in Bellevue Hospital Medical College, Fellow of the New York Academy of Mgdicine, Visiting Surgeon to Charity and St. I have frequently seen marked advantage derived, in this slate of the disease, from the subjoined cerebral affection. In the series of tightly stretched cords of the basilar membrane we have the mechanically receptive elements, each attuned to a certain wave-length and responding whenever such vibrations are transmitted by the labyrinthine fluids. It is secreted from numberless vessels, distinct and separate from the mucous follicles. The urban politicians like the reapportionment decisions which insure their control of the state By coddling particular self-interest groups, one the ADAers, most of labor, practically all of the minorities, many ministers and many of the business and professional world. It appears as a red mass of mucous membrane just of New York, did not agree with the author in his opinion as to the frequency of strictures in women.


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Melbourne Cup seventh Fox Hunt to make debut for Godolphin

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Dunaden wins Melbourne Cup 2011

Dunaden survived the closest finish in the history of the Melbourne Cup to give France its second straight victory in Australia’s greatest race. The judges had to use extreme magnification to separate Dunaden ($8.50) from English horse Red Cadeaux ($31). Germany’s Lucas Cranach ($13) was third, just edging last year’s winner Americain ($5 favourite) into [...]

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