The possibility of recovery from malignant endocarditis came up; and while admitting the in this case.

Drummond has lectured with great success in Xew York, Brooklyn, and Philadelphia. The more proliferative its the use of filters. In fact, it is not even proved that these so-called plasmodesmata are not to a considerable extent coagulation products; and even if they are actually pregent in the living embryo just as seen in preserved specimens, their extremely fine structure would seem almost to preclude the possibility of distinguishing whether the nerve-fibres actually grow within them, or whether they entwine themselves amongst them as a vine growing upon a lattice. The ulceration may involve the greater part of the posterior pharyngeal wall and cause intensely painful dysphagia. There was, further, an absolute loss of gemmules on the dendritic processes.

Amongst all early peoples, and amongst many semicivilized peoples to-day,, sickness was associated with demoniac influences, and Christian peoples were long accustomed to associate plagues and outbreaks of disease with the anger of an offended deity. His investigatiooa into the disease which in the later seventies threatened to destroy the wine-growing industry of his country, his discovery of the canse of the silk-worm disease, and his patient researches into the cause and cure of hydrophobia, might each have been a life-work for a man of less breadth and industry. However, I will not uke yonr time in further argument of this question; bat let me, in terndnattng ttiis lecture, say that women who are employed in rubber maiin factories, where sulphide of carbon is employed in the preparaUon of dhe goods, miscarry often, and sterility is THE CLINICAL USE OF DIPHTHERIA ANTITOXIN." DiPHTHEBiA is one of the most difficult of diseases in which to judge the effect of treatment, for the different cases vary so enormously in the amount and in the location of their lesions. The Portex tube is used for intubation rather than doing tracheostomies.

(The foregoing promo three formulae are given in the old notation,) As this formula is supported' by only one, and that a very unsatisfactory calcium determination, and as all the analyses of Stadeler concerning bilirubin or cholophajin can be brought into harmony with my results, I can have no hesitation in considering his formulae, both of bilirubin and bilirubate of calcium, as erroneous. Other doctors will be assessed a registration fee of Eight health authorities have been named to a panel of moderators for The hospitals and the patients they serve. The patient should remain in the bath from ten to twenty minutes, until the pulse rate falls and then should be lightly rubbed down and put to bed with as little exertion as possible. The process is reversed when the wrist is flexed.

This is done by ascertaining to what extent the string moves when a current of known voltage is sent through it and by altering the tension of the string so that one millivolt of current causes an excursion of one centimeter of the string shadow on the photographic plate. If a fne bed at a n formation most be tumlshod aa to the maos t Ko insane psrsoa, and no ona who Is not sal tantof Msssashiaatts, pan ba fooetTod as a A tferttfleate will be rvqolred from the att of the nervooB syatem, and la DOt lnaaDe,aidl hia opinion, tho patient ean be eared or ari AppHeatkms Cor admlaalan sbonld ba tssdl who will furnish the printed form to be aael Dkowning IB death in consequence of catting off the Only enough to cover the nostrils and month is needed. The various methods of disinfection used were as Although the results by these different methods varied, in none was there a satisfactory disinfection.

While in London I was fortunate enough to be present at the initial meetings of the new Dermatologieal Society Society. The school appeal's to be owned by the"dean." Entrance requirement: Entrance is on the same basis as in code other night schools; a"preparatory department" is also in operation. The latter is proportional to a value and a distance C, in centimeters, equal to the tenths of millivolts observed in the electrocardiogram from lead I, is measured off on the horizontal side; a distance D similarly obtained from the synchronous point on the electrocardiogram of lead II, is also measured on the other side.

The long stretch of sea coast, and the different islands off the coast, offer abundant summering facilities tor thosa who must live in the those who have had one experience in anchor fishing in the beds of kelp for red snappers or rock cod, or trolling for barracuda or Spanish mackerel over the lazily heaving surface of the ocean, or fighting the enormous tuna for an hour and a half before landing him, will come back again and- again to this angler's paradise. We were too apt to forget that hystena had nothing to do with the peripheral organs. Extracellular enzymes are also very susceptible to the influence of inorganic salts but more especially so towards the reaction of the solution. By this procedure one can differentiate between normal pelvis, hydronephrosis, tumors of the kidney, and abscess of the kidney if it drains into the pelvis. It has been claimed that the disease arises in epidemics; that it is increasing in frequency; that it exhibits, in certain localities, a significant relation to the soil and water; that it is transferred from one human being to another; that it may be inoculated into lower animals; while many have claimed to have identified the parasitic cause of its endemic occurrence of cancer, under current discussion, relate to the discovery of many tumor animals in the stock of one breeder, to the frequency of cancer of the eyelid in certain and, finally, to remarkable forms of epidemic cancer occurring these records shows that cancer may occur with remarkable frequency among aged, domesticated animals; but none of the above writers, except Plehne and Pick, have adduced any evi dence which even strongly suggests an infections origin of cancer.

The English blood and the English faith have lost none of their virility where the tamarind grows,and the cinnamon tree casts its shade; none of its sincerity where the jasmine exhales its intoxicating ONE OF THE TROUBLES OF CIVILIZED HAN.


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