It merely forty days after its first application the months with a while swelling of the hip place, and three fistulous openings had formed, which poured forth a (jnantity of foetid and serous pus.

The skin lesions looked like ordinary second and third degree "" burns without significant ulceration and scarring.

The following quotation from Dr.

Now, as genuine, relatively complete imbecility is dependent upon a general deficiency in brain development, these systemized insanities and other insanities, involving only a part of the mental sphere, may be consistently referred to partial defects of development, in view of the teratological findings or"Primaere Verruecktheit," St. Attach wet sponge pad electrode H, to back on bare skin. Several reports in the literature document the efficacy of these agents in promoting thrombolysis in patients with pulmonary Embolism Trial (UPET), which compared the rate of jobs resolution of emboli in patients randomized to treatment with either UK plus heparin or heparin alone. When distilled the lower members volatilize first, the temperature in the still rising as the distillation proceeds.

They may remain in this state for many years, but their existence is very inconstant: they will even disappear for a time. The springs of Auvergne, and of Salins, Luxeuil, and Bussang in France; Franzenbad in Austria, and our ova Columbian Spring at Saratoga, will bring relief or cure when used with these adjuvants. This little mishap, while it prevented the operation on the palate from being a perfectly complete success, yet adds greatly to the interest of this operation as a part of its history, briefly summed up in the following practical experience: If the attempt is made to close by operation a hole in the palatine vault of a child, this can only be done under the same conditions as the closure of an extensive cleft; that is to sayy that there shall be no strain on the flaps or on the stitches. " Giving mercury in thefe cafes anfwers two purpofes, it aflifts the external applications to cure the buboes, and it prevents the effects of the conltant abforption of the venereal matter from" How far it is necefTary to purfue the mercurial courfe ivith a fuppofed that it is necefTary to give the fame quantity to prevent a difeafe that would cure one that has already taken place. - however, they are having difficulty obtaining qualified speakers for their CME programs. I found inflammation of the sclerotica and iris; with increased redness of the former tunic and of the conjunctiva, discolouration of the iris, which had assumed a dull greenish hue, intolerance of light, lacrymation, constant severe pain, and loss of vision. He had caused to be rubbed in, into the cutis vera, as much as a scruple of the acetate of morphia, without producing narcotism or any other unpleasant effect. It probably reduces the volume of the tumor by condensing the gas in the intestine, and at the same time excites antiperistaltic action, and thereby retracts the intestine through the ring. King was a native of Norwich, and at an early age evinced so great a predilection for the profession of surgery, that he was seut forthwith to study at the School of Medicine at Paris, where he competed successfully with his fellow- students, and at the first co;!fi)i(rs became member of the Ecole Pratique. The I had irrigated the cavities and sinuses several times a day with various antiseptics, such as weak solutions of iodine, salicylic acid and carbolic acid. Lanatosid C, digoxin, strophanthin, and digitoxin have been Digitoxin has practically replaced digitalis leaf mainly due to the recommendations of Gold, who has recommended a single full digitalizing dose of Digitalis intoxication is being encountered more and more frequently because of indiscriminate use of digitoxin by physicians not familiar with its Nine cases of digitoxin intoxication are reported.

The tonsils were hypertrophied, and on the surface of the left one were three small cicatrices, and also one on the uvula. - the earliest detection of the aortic dilatation depends on the X-ray The scheme of treatment should depend on the anatomical diagnosis and the functional state of the patient.

This to me has been a very interesting iportal discussion. The autopsy toxic principle contained in tobacco smoke.

The direct effect upon the trophic nerves and also the reflex nervous stimulation is also marked. These cases are mentioned, not because I think it advisable to resort to such means until our ordniary homoeopathic remedies fail, but simply for the purpose of calling the attention of the profession to a remedy that seems to possess wonderful healing powers, and that, as a dernier resort, may be productive of much good. If the tendon itfelf be difeafed, or the ligamentous bands which confine it, it will be neceflary, not only to make an incifion through them, but to remove part of the ligament, and even part or the whole of the tendon; for that, if it be difeafed, will infallibly (lough away.

In some families the hereditary tendency is confined to the males; thus, I know a gentleman whose father and paternal uncles had icthyosis, while his aunts were not so affected; the gentleman himself and some of his brothers, but none of his sisters, had the same malformation of the skin, which was again transmitted to his hereditary icthyosis, in all of which it was confined to the males of a family; the brothers, Lambert, couldtrace it backthrough five generations, all the males of which were affected by it. The patient had fuffered a great deal from pain in his loins, and the motion of deed there was no doubt that the matter had been originally formed in the loins, from whence it was violently impelled, fo as to elevate the prominent integuments of the abdomen, whenever he coughed. It was found that the largest size drainage-tube furnished by the Medical Department of the Arhay was much too small for the purpose of thorough drainage, and a stiff rubber tube, onehalf inch calibre, was used, and proved to be entirely unirritating and was extremely effective, the improvement of the patient being constant from the time it was first inserted.

The accompanying sketch shows the scheme of connecting in a series circuit, the battery, milliampere meter, rheostat, conducting cords, electrodes and patient. It appeared in evidence, that the physician was in good and regular standing, and that he bore an unblemished professional reputation; that his visits were made in good faith, and with benefit to the patient; that the patient and family were pleased with his services, and continued them as long as he remained in the city. He concluded that there is every reason for continuing such experiments, and that it would be extremely unwise to permit them to be suppressed. He himself had administered morphia very largely, and with the best effects, but never to any thing like the extent recommended by the Frenchman.

When, however, corneitis attacks an eye subject to this variety of junction of cornea and sclerotic, the reverse of that just described happens, if the vessels of the cornea become at all distended with red blood; for then the part of the sclerotic which overlaps the cornea has its vessels also filled w ith red blood, and exhibits a highly florid appearance, even when the sclerotic is otherwise white as usual.


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