In iridectomy there is sometimes no pain. Whiting, of New York city, and was accomplished by means of the nasal trephine.

He attributed the failure of the other operative procedures chiefly to the omission to thoroughly break up the adhesions of the bowel, which by their continuance kept up more or less intestinal obstruction, and so resulted in a giving way of the sutures and a reopening of the fistula?.

In these cases a single test is, I believe, misleading, and an average struck from the results of three or four tests will between the first and second tests, the latter being taken on the succeeding day. It was an irregfularly round phlegmon, confined to the tissues lying immediately under the roof of the pelvis adjacent to and closely connected with the neck of the bladder and os uteri, on the front and left side j from this position, the direct line of pressure and least resistance was in the line of the arch of the pubis to the left, and immediately behind the left angle of the os vaginae. Also, there is generally pressure, redness, pain in that region, in eye, fullness of nose, etc. To offset these there are four patients whose metabolism ranged Q., were children, and it is quite possible that the normal stimulus of per cent, above the normal, a figure which might be increased to about that of their twenty normal controls. A special feature of instruction in the school is the attempt to bring together teacher and student in close personal relationship. He calls it a"Handbook for Students and Practitioners." To our mind its importance justifies a weightier designation. Physicians are fully aware of the inadequacy of the present treatment of syphilis. Investigations were made in intervals between attacks, and during and following attacks.

When morphia was injected into a vein, however, he found that the case was different, and the deduction that he made from this experiment was that when morphia is injected into a vein, the heart is easily depressed by the application of electricity to the pneumogastric. Before the employment of the rays the patient took daily doses of four ounces and a half of chloroform water, and very often two pills containing three quarters of a grain of extract of opium, and he frequently had one or two injections of morphine hydrochloride. Who had been the subject of diabetes for about four years. It has, however, succeeded in prolonging life in one case out of every four, so that the patient may be given the chance if it be desired.

Chronic Intestinal obstruction may at any moment become acute.

Two weeks after the appearance of the chancres there was painless enlargement of the inguinal glands, and three weeks later a reddish eruption appeared on the forehead and body.

It is an analgesic and is also supposed to act on the germ of the disease. A classification of cases based on the ordinary macroscopic characters of the inflammatory products into warty or verrucose and ulcerative will in many instances group together cases widely different (in their clinical aspects, and contrariwise, a clinical subdivision into cases of simple and cases of malignant endocarditis by no means of necessity implies that the lesions in the former case are all of the plastic or warty variety, and in the latter of the ulcerative or destructive. The sac of the tumor had a rather thick wall, with a rough and granular inner surface. He recognized the serious character of the paroxysm, and said that had there been the severe pain he would have OSLER: AXdIXA PECTORIS AND ALLIED STATES. The patient has a long, narrow chest, and the xiphoid cartilage and the lower part of the ribs are depressed, as is also the percussion discovers a decided increase in the size of the stomach, the pylorus being somewhat depressed, but the lower border extending fully to the umbilicus, which is placed at an abnormal distance from the xiphoid on The stomach-tube was introduced and removed considerable undigested food which had remained in the stomach a number of hours; and in washing out the organ it was found to hold two and one-half litres without difficulty. The stomach was emptied at varying periods after meals, and always contained food-remnants; and not rarely vomiting would bring up food taken The urine waa usually a little turbid, alkaline in reaction, and varying in deposits of alkaline salts (phosphates and carbonates). In the future we will nay more attention to the physical status of salts in the blood, especially their balance between blood stream and tissue lymph. Triamterene has been lound in renal stones in Patient-Pak association with the other usual calculus components Therefore.

She fled, and by some means avoided going to the asylum.

The supposition is most probably true. Mackenzie will give In Surgery, Dr. A Handbook of Pathological Anatomy and Histology.


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