The one was the immortal Henry Clay, the greatest living orator on earth, the illustrious statesman, the adored and beloved leader, the pride and glory of Kentucky.

If, therefore, two ulcers are found, or more than two, it is not always possible to say, even by close examination, which of the two is chiefly at fault. There were thirty-four between one and four years old, and twelve between that In twenty-two cases the diphtheria was confined to the tonsils; in ten the pharynx and nasal passages were also involved, and in fourteen the larynx was involved ( The results seem to be particularly good in cases where even with a strict diet, small traces of sugar persist.

The structnre, it is evident, may be variously altered, according to the degree and duration of the disease, as well as the particular seat it occnpies: They have long been known as"spurious" or"pseudovaccinia,""vaccinoid,""vaccinella." These have so great a variety that it is difficult to classify them; but if we bear in mind the numerous transitions, the classification of Morrow is very helpful. Charged with stating a falsehood. The formation of bile may be increased,'n the first place, by emetics, which therefore may be properly eniployeil I'or the use ofeinetici, on account of tlie violence of tlieir operation and the distress which they occasion, it is desirable to resort to other means of accomplishing the purpose: and this may be done by purgatives, Avhich have an evident effect in increasing the secretion of bile; while, at the same time, they admit of being used with considerable frequency, without injury to tlie general healtii, and especially if the saline sprijtgs are resorted to for the purpose ( The antiseptic treatment of wounds led to a marked decrease in the cases of erysipelas; but strict isolation of the disease from the injured, and, more particularly, operation cases, is the most efficient preventive. The circulation in the foot was good. In the early summer of that year the Army Yellow Fever Commission consisting of able to announce that infection by the bacillus of Sanarelli was disproved to their satisfaction, and though neither they nor anyone else has discov ered the precise germ as yet, they did succeed in proving that a species of mosquito, the Stegomyia fasciata was the intermediate host. During a crisis he could only lie moaning on a bed, unable to obtain sleep or to take nourishment, and after each attack he was-rendered incapable of following his occupation for several days. To hasten the descent of the faeces, he recommends the milder eccropotics, such as the expressed oils of the olive and almond; oily farina of the cocoa nut, in the form of chocolate; pulp of cassia, either use of butter, marrow, and fat, apparently on the authority of Celsus. A most serious after-effect was occasionally observed, consisting in general weakness, associated with anorexia and apathy. There was some slowness of growth on the part of the bovine bacillus evidently due to attenuation of virulence in human tissues. If there is suppression of urine, if the quantity is diminished to a considerable extent, even if there are no convulsive movements, the hot pack and the injection of the normal salt solution should be immediately resorted to. The Japanese women have no deformed pelves, and their abdomens have never suffered from the pressure of the corset. The symptoms described gradually disappear. The nearer the cut runs to the middle, or posterior edges, of the cerebellar hemispheres, the greater will be the number of branches discovered, as their quantity will be fewer in proportion as it passes nearer to the mesial line of the body.

Curetting, excellent in the treatment of lupus of the trunk and limbs, is only applicable to the small and superficial patches of lupus of the exposed parts in those patients for whom the treatment should be pushed forward rapidly; applied to somewhat extended lupus of these regions, it would be followed by too pronounced, too visible and sometimes ill-shaped cicatrices: These publications will be selected from the great mass of historical material, with an eye to their extrinsic importance and value to medical officers of the Services." Dr. Mary Fernyhough, the mother of the described the progress of his education from the village to the boarding-,school of Doveridge and elsewhere; afterwards tiacing him Heni'y Feniyhough, a cousin of defendant's, corroborated tlie mother's evidence; and upon the articles of partnership with Mr.

Leichtenstem's account of the disease in Nothnagel's Handbuch, which has been used freely, is the most complete in the literature, starting point of the epidemic which occurred in St. In the cases of transudates and exudates of the pleural cavity, there was in the former a greater constancy with respect to the proportions of albumin, euglobulin and pseudoglobulin, than in the latter. Ichthyol has been extensively used by Nussbaum, Fessler, Klein, and others, but that it exerts a specific effect lacks clinical support. No prepared food, as far as I know, contains as much fat as the one recommended in this paper, but it is impossible to prepare a palatable food that will keep and which will not be open to more serious objections than a slight deficiency in fat. Good medical judgment is necessary to determine upon the proper measures to pursue in the presence of away as surely as ice on a summer's day.

In normals, the usual change after exercise to this degree is different. Years ago over"l'liomme a la fourchette," a man who had swallowed a fork, which was successfully removed by a somewhat elaborate operation. The susceptibility to contagious and zymotic diseases which characterized his early life has been exhausted, and with it one great source of danger is gone. The article by Edgar Erskine Hume in The Military Study of Dental Focal Infection The statistical data are from the Military Medical address at the Mayo Clinic is in The Military Surgeon Major Rodriguez's work is reported in The Military Diseases Transmissible from Animals to Man Brigadier-General Kelser has kindly summarized his work at the author's request, and his statement has been quoted at length.


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