It appears late in adult life, and, in addition to the symptoms of diabetes mellitus, slight ascites, considerable hypertrophy of the liver and spleen, with brown or even gray-black cutaneous pigmentation, are among the chief features noted. We are told of the events and symptoms in order of time, and wo are permitted to consider the occurrence of abortion related in those cases as certainly presenting a different aspect in connexion with the sj-mptoms than if it had been mentioned later in the liistory. Catheter was passed, and a small quantity of urine drawn off. As your committee reviews its work one simple solution to the problem of how to achieve success in the activities of our State Medical Society in Albany. MSSNY Delegation to the AMA, in New York City, on York State Association of Professions (NYSAP), in New Society of the County of Kings, in Queens, on October Your executive vice-president wishes to express his gratitude to all who have been of assistance to him during the past year. When a disaster occurs in metropolitan or urban areas with heavy traffic, there is the possibility of getting help by air transport.

Nestle's milk food, and others, are very popular. If it be carried too high there will be danger of cutting through the large vessels, and much after trouble may ensue. Focal infections in the teeth, tonsils, gall-bladder, appendix, or in any part of the body may be the exciting cause; but a localized area in the stomach must be the loctis minoris resistentiae, and there are also predisposing causes to be sought for. Wide local excision is the treatment of choice, and recurrence is unlikely. After removal it weighed eight pounds and a half. Much favor is deservedly given also to potassium powdered form. Mitchell," all our researches show that the specialljfatal season for very young children is summer, and not winter aay that when the temperature is low they are kept within doors, because the immunity more or less extends to the age of twenty, when exposure must be as great as at any age. If the patient force his mouth wide open, which causes the parts to become anaemic, two yellow streaks may be seen upon the soft and upon a portion of the hard palate. Occasionally hemoptysis is an early symptom, and of primary significance if it occur in a patient suffering from mitral disease.


AVanklyn said that the usual quantity of alum employed in aluming bread was between twenty to thirty grains per l-lb. The subjective symptoms are chiefly pressure and fulness of the abdomen, colicky pains preceding an evacuation, but rarely, and then only in catarrh of the large intestine, tenesmus following it. The upper portion of this lung was in a state of recent inflammation, which probably was the closing scene of diseased action in the life of this man: reviews. We must remember that the two stHges are not sharply defined, and that either the one or the The drugs I have found most efficient in the catarrhal stage have been To be more explicit, I will detail the methods of procedure in a family in which I have instituted my plan of thorough treatment: A child of four vears attending kindergarten was brought to me with a auspicious cough. While the publication were distributed.

Lowestmed.com/dave - aVliat becomes of the exhaled malaria if it be not swept down in like manner?" The sc'coiul object in hospital management is the removal of all dust which has settled or loilged, and tluit this shall be a real removal, and not a mere seattei'in" of it from one pla.ee to allow it to settle elsewhere. We regret that it is written in a language that is understood by so very few among the profession in this country, and hope that the day may come when we may refer our readei-s to an English translation; for we do not doubt that, although our own literature has produced prominent works on the same subject, they would be pleased by reading it, and would often return to it for advice. A residence in the country with active out-of-door exercise is of paramount importance, but straining efforts, both mental and physical, are to be avoided.

His remarks upon tlie employment of filiform bougies in the manasiement of very narrow or tortuous strictures are most judicious; and we heartily commend his advice as to the preliminary and subsequent treatment, the former being directed to the relief of the concomitant congestion and spasm, and the The position of Erichsen's Surgery was long ago established; will the present edition serve to maintain it? Is it fully up to the times? Are the new things etlicr seemed to lie reganled as deeidedly a more proper anjestlietie to be used edition, chlorofoi-m is ajiparently restored to favour, as beinjjj more convenient since"ether less freijuently than chloroform produces a direct toxic effect on the heart." In this acknowledgment lies, we believe, the answer to the question,"which ana'sthetic shall we use?" Ether is the safer, therefore ordinarily its use in cases in which the actual cautery, thermo-cautery, or galvano-cauterv is likely to be brouglit"in the neighbourhood of the mouth or air passages." AVe have ourselves seen one quite sharp explosion from the ignition of ether vapour, consequent upon the use of Paquelin's thermo-cautery in a case of removal of the The antiseptic treatment of wounds, and subjects connected therewith, are treated of much more fully than before. On admission, the veins of operated, introducing two pins, at about half an inch apart,, through the scrotum, taking in the whole of the parts forming the cord with the exception of the vas deferens. They may be local entirely, though frequently general as well. Ptyalism is not an uncommon symptom. Here also a certain periodicity in the symptoms may be noted.


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