In the dog, at least, obstruction of the portal capillaries to lead to shock must be practically complete: ev en the rabbit may withstand, almost W'e ciinclude.

E., between therapeutable cases and those which are only salvador of value to the pathologist and the sanitarium, will you find satisfaction in treating endocrine disorders.

In the faucial and pharyngeal tonsils cystic growths have been reported of varying size, which have been supposed to arise as the result of inflammatory processes.

In Slater's estimation, the sputum of patients in the incipient stage, when examined in sanatoria where most careful work is done, is positive for tubercle bacilli, at any time, older method of staining the untreated The antiformin method is much more productive of positive results: These nervefibers do not carry any of the specialized spinal sensaticns, such as touch, pain, heat, or cold. Rheumatoid arthritis, but went further in thinking it was not like ordinary arthropathies, but had been found hitherto only Six years ago the speaker had seen a man who had sustained a head iujury twenty-five years previously, and had been" out of his head" for three months at that time. Not only does the body temperature rise while the constant, but the rise gradually becomes more rapid.

Of blood are introtluciil into each of two test per cent, solution) of acid tiot.ii.Mum phosphite, one urease adrled to each test tube, and aeration is continued for fifteen The ftnal estimation is made br tttrating tite oonlenta of the flask against Alticdt-iionnat aoditm bopdraaiid,' and Hie computation if made is the same way as for Donpraieia creatinin of the blood we have used the Duboscq Vl tlx ArUiictMi ChcmiGsl Comsany, Yoahcrs, N. In employing the taxis for its reduction, the pressure may be employed from within the rectum.

It requires a great deal of patience and a great deal of experience to do proper fusion work, and I doubt if most of us have had the opportunity to acquire all of this.

Several workers, notably Akaiwa and Soto, as well as the earlier workers, such as Warthen, have described the histopathologica) the only one to have reported the irradiation therapy of rhino-pharyngeal lymphoid tissue; which work, by the way, was coincidental to our observations. He had always been somewhat fiat-footed. Interdigital scouring should be thoro, and the nail-brush should be vigorously plied to clean out the favorite ghettos of Instruction in the proper use of the toothbrush should also be given, and the method should be demonstrated over and over again, until the habit of brushing the teeth on both their buccal and lingual surfaces has become an automatic and routine practice. Prices have been or are being fixi-d;i! rvcry stape of production:ind distribution of controllrd prices or profits. It has been my experience in one or two instances that after the transplantation of the biceps to do the work of the paralyzed quadriceps, there has followed some return of power to the paralyzed muscle. Which there is no possibility of improvenient with any method of treatment with which we are familiar. Drawn attentbn to the possible importance of states of hypercholesterolemia In rebtion to the formation of (he DciertninatiDti o( the Cholenerto CoalctK at Ike Blood in tiM prodnced a reaction aeainst the former explanation of tion product of the liver, and that the chief source of (Icgencmted and desquamated epithelial cells of the jiallljladikT and bile tracts. Remove the fragments about the HEAD AND BRAIN, DISEASES OF (LAPLACE). There was more redness on the legs, which, in the course of a day or two, began to discharge serous fluid: starch was sprinkled over the part; were given every night; and the breathing being more embarrassed, a blister was applied to the anterior part of was gradually becoming weaker, the respiration more hurried, and accompanied with mucous rattles in the bronchi; the skin cold and clammy; and the voice very feeble. A third tumor, weighing ten pounds, occupied the place of the ovaries and Fallopian tubes; and a fourth was seated behind the uterus. In some cases deposits of biurate are found in the tubuli or between them, appearing as whitish points or lines in the red structure of the organ. An examination, per rectum, confirmed the opinion formed by the vaginal examination, that this was a vaginal hernia. Great physical exertion may produce sudden, marked dilatation, whereupon a canter rhythm and an apical systolic murmur speedily develop, although in most instances the symptoms are brought to light in a more though slight, and syncopal attacks may be frequent attacks of cardiac asthma in the morning, and these may be accompanied at intervals by pains, anginoid in character, even assuming the severity of true angina. Eccentric vision of both field normal. In using an ice-bag in these cases where the vitality of the skin is more or less impaired, one should always see that the ice-bag does not rest directly upon the skin, otherwise serious sloughing may ensue. A careful supervision is had over each case, and its history learned as The principal sources of the disease as occurring in Germany are stated to be the frontier trade, immigrants and their baggage, and the marine Of countries where vaccination has been but little practised in the past century, the deaths smallpox, and in the two preceding years there whole population were pockmarked. Sidney Smith, Publicity Chairman, urged that any work done by local Auxiliary should be sent to her by councillors. Pearce recurrence in the scar and a third operation. THE Committee was appointed by the Council of the CHnical After due consideration the Committee decided to conduct their inquiry on the following lines: of each pai-ticular sample was stated on the bottle as sent out by those responsible for the manufacture of the serum. Fluid pressure in the ventricles does not offer a probable explanation of the defective sight in these cases, since there is no proof of any great increase of cerebral fluid; and if there were such pressure it would not account for the sight being worse in one eye. The Section for Clinical Medicine, Pathology and Hygiene will be held in Sprague Hall, Boston Jledical Library Subjects:"Practical Experience with Hvdrotherapv," growing girls in our public school education?" Remarks prominent physicians and citizens of Tompkins County, surgeon'in the army during the Civil War, and for a number of years was a member of the United states Pension Examining Hoard, lie served for sonic time in the State Legislature, and had tilled many positions of trust.


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