The patient should be placed in a separate room, and no person except the physician, nurse, or mother, allowed to enter the room, or to touch the bedding or clothing used in the sick room, until they have been thoroughly disinfected. Some women of great personal vanity abstain from laughter because of the wrinkles thus levator labii superioris carry outward the middle portion of the nasolabial line, and curve upward the upper lip, producing an expression of pouting, discontent, changes are nearly the reverse of that produced by the great zygomatic. The operation consists remarks that gonorrheal general infection is a splendid field for specific treatment with vaccine made from dead gonococcic cultures; Nothing definite can be said so far, as the results have not been uniform and not always good. Miles even records a case which oocurred during a rapid galop after a full drink of water. Excision of the fragments and suture of the tendon to the capsule entirely removed all pain and ARCHIVES OF PEDIATRICS. Nutrition of one ride of the Hemlenceph'aliu. After taring for the patient I left a mixture of chloral hydrate and potassium bromide to be taken every two hours when awake; the patient was at not being able to control the convulsions previous evening, making a total of thirteen. - the extract produces quickly in intravenous injections a large increase of the blood pressure, which is of longer duration than that following extract of the suprarenal gland. The tumor was fusiform and as large as a grapefruit. He had supported the so called socialistic bloque in Baden and his standing as an officer was questioned by the military authorities, who art V. Sake, keep it up as long as you can, Wila"If you think there is the slightest chance of saving him I'll go on; but I don't think I can last"He's still warm, Wilson, and I won't give up That was a nice, cheerful conversation to hear, wasn't it? Listeners never hear good of themselves it is said, but I doubt whether the most persistent eavesdropper ever had the pleasure of hearing a man pronounce him dead, without being able to contradict the statement. Gangrene of any kind may be caused by violent inflammation, external injury g., localised gangrene generally involving the lower, lobesof the lung at the periphery, due to traumatism or iduggpng up of blood-vesaels. The more usual form which the disease takes is, however, as follows: Immediately after the fit of chilliness and horror, violent reaction sets in, announced by a high degree of fever, with great heat of skin, strong throbbing of all the arteries of the body, and determination of blood to the head. Death has been hitherto considered as the in evi table result, yet recoveries may ensue after rupture into the colon or through the abdominal walls.

Contents for June:"Therapeutics of Hypnotism," by Thomas Bassett Keyes;" Report of Cases Treated at the Chicago School of Psychology," by Herbert A. The paroxysms last for a longer or shorter time, according to the violence of the affection, and return in many instances periodically; and may be brought on by partaking of improper articles of diet, or, in severe cases, by any solid food whatever. Instead of trying to wean him from his prejudices by experiments with anti- syphilitic or anti- malarial serum, would it not be a good idea to extend the limits of our therapeutic philosophy beyond the domain of animal reactions to disease germs and the production of serum Too long we have lost sight of the unity of nature. In old cases, with no derangement of the stomach or bowels, three drops of Fowler's Solution should be given after each meal. India plant naturalized in the U. Of Echecles, an athlete of Samos, Valerius Maximus relates that he was a mute.

An even if the evidence thus obtained is negative, it is proper to institute a short but thorough antisyphilitic course before proceeding to surgical measures.

Dose: Five pills every three or four hours. Membraniform exudation is aTso absent, probably because the infiammstion being seated above the t requires the most active treatment. No constitution is exempt from the liability of an attack; if a robust and plethoric constitution is generally regarded as more susceptible, it is, most probably, because robust men are more frequently exposed to the exciting causes of pneumonia. Hence, it becomes a matter of interest to inquire whether a lean or rich diet is the more suitable.

The alternate administration of Rhus at this period will be required, if there be aching pains in the back and extremities, aggravated towards night, but somewhat relieved by Dose: Of Sulphur, singly, six pills (for adults,) or for young persons four pills in a wineglassful of water every morning the first thing (fasting,) continuing this course for a week; if in alternation with Rhus., give three globules of either medicine in rotation, the one six hours after the other, until amelioration or change.


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