They commence in the same manner as do the ordinary cases. "You are proud to be an American soldier, is that not so?""Si, signer, very proud! Don't you think the war ought to be over very soon?" cliild of simplicity expressed without camouilage what was going on in the souls of countless ofificers and men. I have found the combination of many liquid diuretics eminently useful; and I have been pursuing, for some years past, inquiries into the effect of a farrago of" It may appear to some persons a fanciful idea, but I have beeii led by my observations to suspect that there exists, in the relative elFects of nedieines, something similar to the harmony of colors and sounds; and that the impulse requisite to the living powers of the body, which cannot be produced by a single impression, may be preparation of Squill, at proper intervals. This diseased condition is not at all uncommon in the Bovine and Equine species, and some of the specimens of craniums found in museums are wonderfully deformed, tliroiigh the accumulation of fluid in their Tliis diseased condition is recognised by a more or less exaggerated development or // volume of the cranium, the vault of whicli has been elevated and distended by the iluid collected in the brain ventricles. Though a piilmonary aneurism with open ductus arterio.sus may produce the same signs. Purpura are reddish, bluish, or blackish spots, the result of extravasation of blood into the parenchyma of the cutis, the blood filling up the interstices between the elements of the cutaneous tissues, but causing no swelling of the skin.

Often the localisation of the pain was indefinite, and the subject described the point of pain at a considerable distance from the point- actually At this stage of recovery sensibihty is vague and incomplete.


Suction by means of careful aspiration through a tube or by the use of a syringe is sometimes practised, instead of evacuation by pressure and use of the curette. Nostris gaolam nostram Notyngb, deliberand, assign, allocuta, pro eo aqod se tenuit mutam ad sicut ex testimonio accepimus fide digno. Long-continued suppuration of a fistulous sac may finally wear out the patient. The dizziness accompanying dis eases contracting the space in the posterior cranial fossa is not a hallucination, a subjective sensation of movement of the patient's own body, Dr of surrounding objects, that does not really take place. The Americans have noble sentiments." I dressed his wound. In caries and necrosis there is a purulent, often sanious, discharge from the ear, and exuberant granulations spring from the seat of the diseased bone, which bleed readily when touched. Tuke, in his admirable work on" The Influence of the Mind Upon the Body," relates how a boy who had on an afternoon seen a hanging, which had naturally much affected him, took a stroll along the country road in the evening of that day. Anders's book can be accepted as a useful addition to the series of smaller works on physical diagnosis, some one of which every student should possess.

Sutton under the name Delirium Tremens; and considered it a fair opportunity for putting his practice to the test, in which opinion ing the patient had taken five of the one- grain pills, but warn rather more hurried, more Confused, and more delirious j; now ordered a grain of opium every hour. Amongst the most recent and valuable researches in this field are those of Newsholme. This patient's foot is still turned outward, and as in many other cases, when the foot is brought into the normal position, there is a very noticeable involuntary twitching of the peroneal muscles.

Each case, however, must be decided on its own merits, and the decision arrived at will be largely influenced by attendant circumstances. Hitherto no authentic case of improvement or cure has been reported. Application of vinegar to the gland has been recommended; painting:'t over several times with a solution of When the pain has diminished it is generally advisable to allow the Should the gland remain hard, tense, and painful, and the superficial veins be gorged witli blood, much relief will be afforded by bleediu" The animal should not bo exposed to cold or (h-aughts, and it may be advisable to cover the body with a large blanket. In men, it usually attacks the penis and scrotum; in women, the labia majora. In the more advanced years of life there is a tendency for the membrane to become whiter and less polished. MECHANICAL EXTRACTION OF THE FCETUS. Journal de Radiologic et d'Electrologie, traumatisme a la main. As the prodromic stage is not constant, and as sometimes the general derangement of health and the fever do not appear until after the local symptoms, the precursory signs of erysipelas are not to be compared with the fever of the acute exanthemata, but are rather to be regarded as analogous to that which often, for several hours or days, precedes a severe coryza, or the stitch and cough of a pneumonia. Albuminuria and haematuria are.the never-failing consequence of ligation of the renal veins, or of the vena cava above their point of entrance. The body is turned in the way Wo have casually alluded to the attitude of the larger animals during version, retropulsion, and rotation, and pointed out the advantage to be derived from elevating the hind-cjuarters, either by placing litter under the hind-feet, or causing the animal, if a C'ow, to kneel on its knees: This nerve accounts for certain reflex phenomena, such as coughing, frequently observed when this part of the meatus is pressed upon with an instrument or foreign body.

Nervous system: The sensations are much impaired. The other explanation is, that the suture has helped in recovery, which is manifested by sensory symptoms and by a return to faradic excitability in the muscles. They generally subside in a few months, though we have seen a case in which eighteen months after injury these symptoms persisted and were even In one of these rare instances the burning pains were referred to the back of the hand, which was red and"puffy," to use Sicard's expression.


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