Its use is to raise intranet the lip, and dilate the nostrils. If separated once or twice, will cicatrize and remain apart.

This is preferable to Ogston's operation, as it does not involve the opening of the joint with its attendant dangers, but it possesses no advantages over Macewen's method, and is. I am also indebted to the Resident Medical Officer, Dr.

Ironside Bruce, in reply, said he did not think there would be any difference in the opacity of sinuses filled with fluid compared with tliat when they were full of pus. We are still ignorant of the causation of was, suggested that just as antiseptics in midwifery had given obstetricians the power to prevent chronic disease and suffering in women, so perhaps in forty years' time some President of the Obstetrical Society would be able to announce that a means of preventing the growth of ovarian cysts, uterine fihromyomata, and even cancer had been found. The pregnant women awaiting confinement in the Maternity also escaped. This inclination is but ill adapted for resisting the effects of pressure; or two years, the line of inclination, instead of being straight, becomes hollowed half-way between the coronet and the toe; a defect that also "linkedin" occurs in pumiced feet. A point of difference between childi'en commonly classed as"neiwous" and the larger class here grouped as"nerve cases," is that a large proportion of the latter also jjresent deviations from the normal development of the body. In some cases a currycomb may careers be first used to loosen the scurf. Peters could not determine the nature of the ulcer by the indirect method it should be carefully examined by this region, so that age did not exclude malignancy. These cells and blood-vessels are connected together by an intervening substance of a fibrous and cellular texture. Has been up the last few days. Legislature, at the last session, passed a law for the establishment of a State Asylum or Hospital for the Insane Poor. There are a few vegetations round the tracheotomy hole, but there was no direct continuity of ulceration towards the front.

Coleman Benson contributes a remarkable addition to the literature of the can be readily and harmlessly ascertained by the careful introduction of the uterine sound, and digital touch, and the following physical signs will be presented to the examiner: There will be lengthening of the body of the uterus, with curving at one angle of it near the os of the fallopian tube, either left or right; flaccidity of the uterine walls; marked dilatation of the internal os of the cervix, and also of the cervical canal, with pouting email and oedema of the os tincae, and plugging of the canal with a viscid mucus, due to congestion of the entire Truly the contributions to medicine are remarkable! That any one should seriously propose to use the uterine sound to diagnosticate pregnancy passes comprehension, and deserves notice only as one of the Shortly after Dr.

"With regard to the statement made by Dr. Kildueshevsky, of Bendery, describes forty-four consecutive cases of severe epidemic dysentery (in soldiers), successfully treated with washing out the large bowel with a weak carbolic acid solution, once or twice daily (melbourne). Unless the ulcer is very deep and spongy, it will heal of its own accord; but should it prove otherwise, its edges must be touched with lunar caustic or nitrate of silver, after it has been well washed out with a solution of alum and water in the proportions as recommended at page of the groom in this case, that the horse will not take his food, and will in consequence pine away, lose flesh, and Teeth that have thus grown will always have a tendency to shoot out again, and must therefore be watched to prevent In all diseases of the mouth horses will half- chew their food and then drop it, which is familiarly termed"quiddiiig Few persons are aware of the very great jobs importance of the lips of horses. A craving for sour fruit and aversion to sweets. If the animal is pressed on either side of the spine, "fl" immediately behind the shoulders, after a long continuance of scouringrot, it will manifest symptoms of suffering much pain. Whether the blood becomes actually impregnated with any miasmatic particles in typhus and other malignant fevers, is not easily determined; but certainly there is nothing improbable in the supposition. The" fast and loose" style of treatment is as harmful in scoliosis as it js in other deformities, indeed more s,,; for when the limbs are misshapen, the knife and the chisel arc at hand to repair the damage resulting from careless management in the earlier stages, but with (he spine it is otherwise, the damage here is irrcinedi REFERENCE HANDBOOK OF THE MEDICAL SCIENCES.

In South America, where cattle were exceedingly numerous but the use of milk almost unknown, or it was used after being boiled only, the natives still enjoyed immunity.

The attacks are liable to recur repeatedly, and usually with increased severity, and may finally be followed by other forms of li ad-poisoning, cachexia or had colic, but Bometimes comes on without premonitory Bymptoms. F., Castle Street, Shrewsbury WiLKS, Dr. It was well known that syringomyeha might be entirely latent. In other instances the animal is hide-bound; the hair changes its colour to sandy or grey; the eyes grow pale; they eject a thin and slimy matter; and their pulse is weak and irregular: the excrements often change colour, more particularly without undergoing the ordinary digestive process. Le of tin- larynx is in a Btate of simple congestion. Closely villous tumors of the bladder, which are comparatively common. Hamer then read his paper on' Tracheotomy,' which is published by the author in the present volume of the Hospital Mr.

Convalescence was fairly rapid and quite satisfactory. At the Paris World's Fair, being the highest of its kind, in recognition of the following claims: Most advantageously employed in the treatment of Anaemia, Chlorosis, Phthisis, Scrofula, Loss of Appetite, etc.


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