The nephritis itself and the cerebral symptoms (caused by contraction of the arteries and increased arterial tension) alone needed active treatment. Typhoid bacilli-carriers are found mainly among those who have suffered an attack of typhoid Eever, although"contact" carriers are also found and in them the condition is a confined to certain viscera. Under this heading may be mentioned those cases where the husband, after many years of married life, becomes impotent with his wife, though perfectly potent with other women. The case was one of acute involvement of the entire right Inng. These resulte are easily attained. This is interesting reading and shows painstaking research, but the number and results of the experiments do not warrant the sweeping conclusions arrived at by the sant author. In rickets the deformity of the thorax may account for some of the increased extent of the hepatic dulness below the narrowing of the lower part of the thorax often squeezes the liver downwards. There is no objection to making extensive incisions, for not only will the subsequent application of sodiimi hypochlorite prevent the freshly exposed tissues from becoming infected, but the incision itself may be closed in a short time, healing as if it were primarily sutured.

The probable slight toxicity of the bile pigments is perhaps answerable for the lowering of the bodily temperature.

The center, now aroused, sends impulses to the arteries and muscular structure of the penis. With the soft parts in situ the plane of the outlet is very materially In the measurement of the pelvis there are three external diameters which are of practical importance. Phemister on"Brain Cyst Following on"A Partial Evisceration Through the Vagina During Attempted Abortion," which illustrates what well-planned, well-executed surgery can do in even so serious and complicated a condition.

For homologous alcohols, the magnitude of the repulsion seems to scale size of i-propanol and is twice as well excluded. Details are given of the use and effects of vaccines in different forum of pelvic disorder, and also in two cases of parenchymatous mastitis. As regards these complications the nitrous oxide-oxygen combination has a distinct advantage." In contrast to the a quotations, which are really representative of the majority nitrous oxide-oxygen anesthesia has nut l.een decided." lie further intimates that the method as used in major surgery is too new. We have been investigating how several of these factors affect we have used small-angle neutron scattering (SANS) to examine, for example, taxolstabilized microtubules and other tubulin interpreted in terms of multi-component models of microtubules and related tubulin polymers. This operation will be mentioned more The same procedure is to be adopted when the epiphora is due, not to displacement, but to stenosis or abnormal narrowing of the canaliculi or In these cases the puncta become so minute as to require the aid of a magnifying lens to make them out; and we must first dilate the passage by a conical sound so as to admit the beak of the Weber's knife. Just before the operation and after the administration of an enema, there was a discharge from the rectum of dark, Ibloody fluid and a few blood clots; this, with the anaemic condition of the patient, was evidence of hemorrhage within the gastrointestinal tract. Among the observations made on this case the following seem of special interest: The hj'peremesis developed with considarable rapidity, lasted about a week and a half, and was followed by irregularly recurring nausea and vomiting, which lasted for about two weeks.

A curved incision is made down to the periosteum along the outer third of the brow, and if necessary it may be prolonged for some distance beyond the external commissure. It is exceptional to find it white, soft, and" pyoid." Microscopically in niyelaernia it presents very nearly the normal appearance of red marrow, with the differences that no fat spaces are left, that the giant cells are small and few in number, that the nucleated reds are fewer than usual, and further that the tendency seen in the blood in different cases to a preponderance of special kinds of cells is seen also to a certain extent in the marrow. Epistaxis; blood Characterized by feverish paroxysms, recurring at regular intervals, the patient being well between the paroxysms.

It is said to be provoked by sudden emotional distiirljanccs, such as fright, shock, anger, etc., and has been attributed to psychically induced spasm of the unstriped muscular fibers about the insertion of the common bile duct into the duodenum with consequent stasis of bile, and to low(;ring of the portal pressure with consecutive reversal of the biliary circulation within the hepatic cells. The purpose of the following cases is threefold.


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