We may content ourselves with guarding her as perfectly as we can until the fit subsides; and when it has passed over, and she lies in a state of coma, or sensibility is somewhat returning, the operation will be easy (diabet-med.com/diabet-2-tipa/).

The second group includes the slowly developing forms, in wliirh the sei)tic process either slowly invades tiic uterine tissues and spreads through the uterine lymphatics until the entire structure Ijecomes, as it were, a pus-sponge, or the cases in which there is a retained (unsuspected) portion of placenta, which, non-irritant at first, becomes, sooner or later, infected and a subsequent perforating metritis results. Be; fore Olshausen Brennecke, Werth, Kelly and Sanger had been working more especially on these lines. The rise of pressure cannot of course remain localised, and after ligation of the femoral artery amounts at most to only a few millimetres of mercury. Second, in cases of chronic nephritis, with accompanying dropsy, in which urea Is Insufficiently eliminated.

In the absence of other ocular changes a diabetic cataract may generally be removed by operation with fair prospects of success, provided, of course, that the case be not one in which a fatal termination of the disease may be regarded as imminent. The law is unquestionably a good one. He who is apt in diagnosis stands higher in the estimation of his brethren than he who ranks high in treatment. Some of these (as Chomel and Pelletan) advocated much larger blood-lettings than probably would have been recommended by Valsalva, and at longer intervals; others, again, among whom Hope in this country may be enumerated, were in favour of small and more frequently repeated losses of blood. Subcutaneous or intravenous soluble preparations in the ionic form, if not too toxic, also resulted in diuresis. Irving Fisher of Yale University, President of the Committee of One Hundred on National Health, Assisted by Miss Emily F. The nominating committees, in the future, should give this the question of personal comfort should have some thought and such places only should be selected for meetings, or the meetings be held at such times of year, as are not subject to excesses of heat or cold. The experiments made by Professor Dixon Mann show that iodide of potassium has no appreciable influence on the elimination of lead. In the other variety the infiltration proceeds in the course of the interlobular septa, from which the growth may extend directly into the pulmonary tissue, or along the bronchi and blood-vessels, contracting their calibre, and greatly thickening their Avails. The following is from the"Medical"That insects are carriers of contagious diseases there is no doubt, for mosquitoes have been known to carry malaria and files to communicate charbon, cholera and other infectious diseases, even septic erysipelas. And the inevitable final issue of the continued stasis of the metamorphic carbon-waste in the blood, is, I assert, the deposit of the latter as tubercle in the living tissues. Using a culture medium devised by himself, Sabouraud has discovered some thirty different organisms causing ringworms, he has made a sane and scientific classification of the cryptogamic diseases based on the cultural characteristics of the parasites and his treatment of ringworm and favus is now studies, in discussing the inadequacy of the treatments then in to the external antiseptics." This being the seat of the trouble, Sabouraud immediately set to work to find some means of causing a spontaneous falling out of the hair, inasmuch as the hairs were too fragile to epilate mechanically. I can readily imagine that the distended organ in this situation might be mistaken for a dropsical ovary, and its contents discharged by puncture "diabet-med.com/kak-snizit-saxar-v-krovi" or incision, if the precaution of introducing the catheter were not used.

This was shown to be the case in New York City, where a mild rise in typhoid occurred in A study of the cases and deaths in Cleveland during the The times of highest southeast wind are not concordant with the rises in typhoid fever, and bear no relation to the period of the contraction of the disease. II was up to the Board, therefore, to resort to mandamus to make But, before instituting such proceeding, a member of the Board thought he should make sure of his ground, and (the Board having no money) find out what such a suit was going to cost. At the same time the ligaments must be more than usually lax to allow of the fundus being thrown into this unnatural situation. The stratified structure has long been known and emphasised.

Pneumonia, with red or gray hepatisation, is sometimes produced, and catarrhal pneumonia may follow collapse. What is thus learned is delightful in the doing, and the effect remains. Bass and Johns, my teachers, for the There are many species of amebae, only a few of which live as parasites is at present considerable difference of opinion among authorities on the subject, as to whether there are one or more species of endamebae found in the intestines of man.

The enormous increase in leukocytic cells, the great increase in platelets, the number of degenerated cells, and the frequency of agglutinated masses of myelocytes present in the blood stream, are all evidences of these changes. It would stand to reason that an undue rise in blood-pressure, whatever it is caused by, might result in the rupture of an eroded blood-vessel; we very often see a hemorrhage caused by lifting of heavy weights, running up stairs, overdue excitement, etc. It was also probable that such treatment was capable of conferring Immunity from snake venom. I do not desire to go into an exhaustive description of this subject, but to review the clinical history, or symptoms, diagnosis and treatment which being of such consequence will be sufficient apology for taking Extra uterine pregnancy is said to occur when the fecundated ovum is arrested at any point between the ovary and the uterus and there undergoes development.


In the interest, therefore, alike of the patient and of the physician, the early diagnosis of aneurysm is a point of medical discipline towards which all the faculties of the mind, trained by observation and reflection, ought to be bent. Been thus far protected by the clamp.


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