The great advantage of this form is in the anesthesia produced that relieves all pain, while it produces hyperemia, giving tone and vigor to the granulations which are usually indolent in the anemic dyscrasia, and in the cachectic individual.

The author is very confident in his belief that the tonsil (which is histologically a lymphoid gland irrespective of its other possible functions) is sharing in the work of taking care of the normal physiological debris due to the elaboration and eruption of forty-eight teeth and their adjacent membranes. It is not necessary in presenting symptoms of diseases that are to be treated l)y unprofessional practitioners, to do more than give the general symptoms countenance, breathing, auscultation, percussion; all these are a part of the regular examination, as among those that may be understood generally by direction. A species of the agaric much esteemed in France; the Agaricus Cinnamomeus.

The ligation of the ovarian artery, near to the pelvic wall, and also its anastomosing branch with the uterine artery, alongside of the uterine structure, are, of course, first required. 'I'he contents removed after a trial breakfast in the manner already described show an acidity which is normal or diminished, a diminution of HCl, and often the presence of lactic acid and of fatty acids.

Dorman said that he had seen one or two cases of depressed fracture of the skull in the newborn in which the depression was relieved by a little massage. Smith and Nichol are to prepare papers for BATHURST AND RIDEAU MEDICAL ASSOCIATION. And there was something challenging admiration and respect in the masterful manner of the physician of yore who mentally estimated the features and indications of his case and administered drugs to his patient in doses measured by the combined appliances of penknife and brains. Of these the largo metacarpal is the jirineipal trmili, passing under the posterior ann-.dar ligament. The Board of Trustees of the Ohio Professor Debaul, of Paris, declares that the inability of the French women to properly nurse their children depends in a large measure on the use of alcohol. In the first form the erysipelas appeared as the most prominent characteristic, while in the second this was entirely wanting. This is a purely natural division, and there is not the least aiTogance in asserting, what history points out, that the Dutch cattle constitute the typo of the oldest, purest and best breed. The writing pen, a term apphed to a nan-ow fissure on the back, and in the median line of the Pons Cal'amus Vulgaris.

The citizens of Montreal having subscribec been appointed coroner for the County Bruct-. Kinyoun's removal since he declared that the plague has secured a foothold in San Francisco. All these resources satisfied the pri mary requirements, but some dermatologists object to metallic apparatus on account of its conductivity for heat which causes the snow to melt quickly. It lUiiy l)u iiuccHHivry even to wivo a inoatratti imr(,'ntivo. The erection and multiplication of general hospitals and asylums for the infirm, although begun centuries before, is particularly noticeable at the present time. In the morning she awoke perfectly refreshed, much recruited in strength, and entirely conscious, with a pulse of was intense, and the retching with which she was troubled every now and then, ice was prescribed with very considerable advantage.

('AirTjjp, a star; from the form of its flowers.) Bot. The patient became entirely relieved. Quote f,"oiii Youutt, who wiis not only a scientitic man, but keen, ciireful luid I'ceuriite. The patient should be laid in bed in such a position as to secure rest and relaxation of the muscles; the stomach should be kept empty and the bowels quiet with opium; warm fomentations should be applied, and such antiphlogistic remedies employed as the circumstances may indicate.

MacCallum believes that suppurative bronchiolitis, with peribronchial pneumonia, may be caused in some instances by the streptococcus.

Prognosis, the importance of which Hippocrates seized upon as of great importance, refts on the state of the body, nutrition, condition of physical forces, temperature, color of the skin and sleep; the latter when coming on in the morning was an unfavorable omen; sweating, when it arrives during the progress of an acute malady, was also deemed an unfavorable ness and difficulty of movement, are bad, too, from a prognostic standpoint. On opening the thorax about eight ounces of straw-colored serum was found the right cavity; both lungs were highly congested, and contained numerous nodules of lobular pneumonia, in the omentum contained a large quantity of fat; the spleen was about twice the normal size, and contained an abscess about the size of an almond; other abdominal organs healthy. - he has studied the relation of eczema to asthma and has come to the conclusion that the latter is a condition of the pulmonary tract similar to that found on the skin in eczema. There is a thin layer of mucus on the epitheUal surface in which a few red blood corpuscles and lymphocytes are seen. They are both aometimes found together, causing the patient to be constantly flooding; the digestive functions are disordered, with the accompanying train of symptoms of dyspepsia; sharp pains are felt at the lumbar, sacral, and hypogastric features assume that peculiar cast of countenance observed in many has extended to the cavity of the womb. The Hesh also partakes of the nature of the food given.


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