Candidates holding "" certificates of the High School Board should present their credentials on making application. He says:"The patient should be given and urged to take (if necessary, tube fed) an abundance of fresh milk, eggs, fresh lean meat, beans, and peas (fresh and or in alternation with buttermilk, should be given freely. Ten or twelve days afterwards, they were suffered to lap it; and in a little while It will be desirable, perhaps, to describe our usual method of reducing the greater part of the fractures which come under our notice.

Filling their stomachs with medicine, she was bringing up a pair of pasty, flabby youngsters trained to run to the medicine cabinet. The most the patient should be absolutely confined.

Pork and Beef for Farmers, or Others, to Have Fresh in if fresh meat was pretty well cooked, seasoned as for present eating, and packed in jars in its own fat, it would keep a whole season as well as canned fruit, it being upon the air-tight principle; but a writer in the New York Times, after a fair test, gives us the following plan, without the cooking, which most persons will, no doubt, prefer, then do the cooking when it is wanted for the table. He conceals himself near the entrance to the village, and steals upon and wounds every passenger that he can get at. There is also provided an olivary pointed terminal for the administration of nasal douches, while the glass stem can be used for washing out sinuses- The whole apparatus packs Electric Hand Lamp (Improved) for ried in a light wire stand, is the cent one, is brilliantly lighted by a current of rather more than half an ampere. If the patient will only submit to the discomfort arising from the fullness of the breasts for a few hours, without insisting on their being partially emptied from time to time by the use of "" the breast-pump, or other similar means, whereby the breasts are stimulated to fresh secretion and the evil is aggravated, she will soon have the satisfaction of finding them softer and less painful, and will be amply rewarded for her patience. By and by, this substance becomes divided into layers pretty thick and opaque, which are separated by a very small portion of serosity.

In the College of Science, Literature and the Arts there are three courses of study, the classical, scientific and literary. A cordial astringent commonly known as'Calves' and Sheep's Cordial' will lie found useful.

Much thinner, the belly veiy considerably diminished: a slight fluctuation is still to be perceived.

In Sabrazes' protracted hemophiliac arthritis, during life, enlargement of the articular ends with projecting nodules of bone; and studies femur covered with nodular masses of cartilage.

For the others it is very desirable that the preparation should be the same. If the stomach be markedly dilated, inspection may reveal an abnormal prominence of the abdominal walls in the epigastric region and extending a variable distance below the level of the umbilicus. In the light of the foregoing facts and experimental data, the writer considers it justifiable to conclude that the granary weevil contains no cantharidin, and cannot be used as a substitute for the blister beetle, nor is there any evidence to indicate that it is responsible for cases of poisonous flour. In the same manner it is frequently seen in the flesh of the hog. He agrees, that a pulmonary catarrh may come on in a state of apparently perfect health, and yet be the first evidence of a tuberculous phthisis; but this case however, may have existed a long time in a latent state; since examination eighty phthisical patients, whose previous history he had ascertained, only seven had been affected with peripneumony; of these there were four, who had been perfectly free from any affection of the chest, for several years before the onset of phthisis. He claims for turpentine that it is not only a good antiseptic but it is a cardiac tonic, and tends to arrest haemorrhage. A fatal diarrhoea may result from injudicious purging in such cases. These signs may not mean anything more than pink eye; or, if they keep it up, may not mean anything except eye strain, need for glasses.

No change in pulse or temperature, except the usual depression of both functions, is to be observed; the urine is deeply stained with pigment, and the feces are grayish, colorless, or parti-colored. Yet in early ages the sow was evidently subject to this morbid propensity; for among the regulations respecting swine laid down by Iloel Dha, one of the good qualities of a sow expressly noticed, is that she do not devour her young ones.

On the surface it exhibits a knobbed or nodular aspect (hobnail liver), and these knobs present through the capsule a yellow appearance.

" How is it," he asks,"that, in our younger days, we never heard of kennel lameness, or, indeed, of hounds being lame at all, unless from accident, or becoming shaken and infirm from not having been composed of that iron-bound material which the labours of a greyhound or a hound require? How is it that, in our younger days, masters of hounds began the season with fifty or sixty couples, and, bating the casualties, left off at the end of it equally strong in their kennels, and able, perhaps, to make a valuable draft: whereas we now hear of one-half of the dogs in certain localities being disabled by disease, and some masters of hounds compelled to be stopped in their work until their kennels are Washing hounds when they come home after work must be injurious to them, although it has almost become the fashion of modern times. Full correction of a squint by tenotomy in very early life may give over-correction later on.

If they rebel against this mild treatment, the shepherd is at hand to enforce obedience; and the flock is as easily and perfectly managed as any English or Highland one, and a great deal more so than the majority that we have Mr. As the natural and clinical history of parasites is elsewhere treated of, the subject is here confined to the development of echinococci cysts in the liver, its ducts, and vessels. Physical examination showed signs of consolidation of the upper lobe of ihe right lung.


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Dunaden wins Melbourne Cup 2011

Dunaden survived the closest finish in the history of the Melbourne Cup to give France its second straight victory in Australia’s greatest race. The judges had to use extreme magnification to separate Dunaden ($8.50) from English horse Red Cadeaux ($31). Germany’s Lucas Cranach ($13) was third, just edging last year’s winner Americain ($5 favourite) into [...]

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