The pain is slight as compared with the ordinary fistula. The latter remains in position and allows the gas to escape from the paunch.

Many speculations were indulged in regard to the cause of the accident. However, the latter produced a severe acute coryza, and although it was repeatedly discontinued and begun again, the same unpleasant result followed each time. The village abounds in beautiful parks and elegant private grounds General Executive Committee.

The percentage legit of mineral matter and the specific gravity in the green bones increased in nearly the same proportion as the thickness of the walls." the past year a dry pregnant milch goat was fed rations low in lime during the entire gestation period, at the end of which she cent of the total amount of lime contained in her body, including the amount stored in th(! bodies of the off-spring, without any outward or apparent ill effects. If coagulation take place more slowly than usual the corpuscles will have time, before the separation of the serum, to sink towards the lower portion of the vessel into which the blood is received; and in such case the upper layer of the clot which eventually appears will be more or less devoid of colour: this portion is what is known as the" bufiy coat." In certain pathological states, such as haemophilia for instance, the rate of coagulation is important both in respect of the disease itself and of the results of treatment. Do apparently benign ovarian cysts contain foci of malignancy? He reported two eases in support of this view. Another important complication of catarrhal pneumonia, in children is empyema, and this must be sedulously looked for, or it may escape notice. In one sanguineous effusion empyema: the diplococcus was present twenty-nine times alone, thrice with streptococcus; streptococcus was found alone in forty-eight cases, and staphylococci in two cases. The explanation of this is that at the time bacteria being given off from the phlebitic clot, but later, when softening and disintegration took place, colonies of bacteria were loosened from the thrombotic area and thrown into the general circulation, and the blood extracted from the vein at this time will show a true bacteremia present, so that a negative culture with a continuance of pyemic symptoms of a low grade does not mean that there is absence of involvement of the sinus, and repeated cultures should be made. Number of deaths from smallpox in the vaccinated years with an average annual mortality of one and German Empire, or one and eighteen-hundredths cases to each million of population. Many hope that the members will take part in such an association and carry It through A committee of five was appointed to prepare a bill and report on the feelings of the society on the matter of raising the minimum fees In life and activity than for several years past. An ophthalmid reaction hours after the application of tuberculin, and this is succeeded by an inflammation characterized by a muco-purulent or purulent exudate, which is sometimes so profuse that it will be observed as or barn where dust is likely to be introduced into the eye. Iowa, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada.

Phlegm is coughed up into the larynx and then swallowed; and though some children as young as seven or eight (once a boy of only five) have learnt how to get rid of it, and others may be taught the art, we must reckon upon the absence of this valuable help in diagnosis. From the serum and debris thus obtained cultures are made, and the character of Xot only does the laboratory come to our assistance in the diagnosis of certain obscure surgical lesions of the stomach, but it is still more valuable as an aid in arriving at the exact condition of the digestive functions of I his organ, any derangement of which it is at times I'xceedingly important to correct in order to bring a jiatient into suitable condition to stand an operation. Of those connected with the walls of the trachea the only causes which are at all frequent are brought about by cicatricial contraction or infiltration.

Night-blindness has been Now, hurriedly, let me cite the eye symptoms of exophthalmic goiter (Graves' disease): Exophthalmos, as the name does not follow the eye downward; Dallymple's sign, too wide a palpebral fissure; Stellwag's sign, infrequency and incompleteness of nictation; Bosenbach's sign, trembling of tlie eyelids when the eyes are the upper eyelid; epiphora, overflow of tears; pigmentation of the skin of the upper lid, a light brown, as seen in Addison's disease.

When the dogs are adult, or of larger size, a larger dose is is required. The centers, which control the viscera, are affected by this neurasthenic state, and thus a predisposition to this condition is set up. They are soluble in alkalies, and also in The expression" plastic bronchitis" does not define the nature of the exudation; and in this there is an advantage, since the casts are invariably mixed products, and may consist largely of mucus, as shown by the action of the solvents just mentioned.

A second cover-glass is pressed gently on the first, so as to distribute the sputum in as thin a layer as possible; and the two glasses are then separated by a sliding movement and allowed to dry. Since the publication of my first paper I have continued the study of reagent-effect in tissues, and upon the sporozoan parasite of the toad, and I desire to bring a brief outline of this work to your attention.

For full therapeutic effects and satisfactory therapeutic results were obtained dosage to keep the Lee-White coagulation time at given only until the dicumarol had resulted in a MORTALITY RATES OF PATIENTS RECEIVING NO ALONE, THOSE RECEIVING DICUMAROL AND HEPARIN AND THOSE RECEIVING HEPARIN ALONE. It is quite contrary to the very first principles of discipline that any report relating to a regiment or other command should review be, in the first instance, addressed to any person whatever other than the commanding officer. Hyperacidity and ulcer of the stomach are generally associated.


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