Sour milk, with which this unfortunate man had slaked his thirst an hour before, issued from the wound. By having the patient inspire deeply, the kidney, if movable, is felt to slip between both hands; slight pressure with the hand on the lumbar region will facilitate the recognition. A lithic calculus may be generally known by' its external characters; but when these are not distinct, a very small fragment of the calculus detached by the point of a knife must be exposed, by means of a small pair of platina tongs, or forceps, to the" If lithic acid be its principal ingredient, the fragment blackens, emits a smoke having a strong and characteristic odour, and is gradually consumed, leaving a minute quantity of white ash, which is usually alkaline." The lithic calculus is also soluble in caustic alkali; and, to ascertain this fact, it is only requisite to scrape off a little of the calculus into a watch glass, pouring on it a few drops of the alkali, and to hold the glass over the flame of a lamp until the solution be effected; which, however, will generally not be complete, owing to other substances being contained m the calculus. The infusion foams like soap water (// The importance, on this account, of a technical examination, as a matter of routine, in all of the cases of tubal inflammation, cannot be too strongly urged.

The muscular weakness increases in severity, the gait becomes ataxic, patient is unable to get up and down steps, unable to stand steady with eyes closed; the weakness may become only a paresis, but in many cases there is almost complete paralysis at the height of the attack, with the characteristic wrist-drop or foot-drop. The most important discovery was made by review Bordet, who found that it is just as easy to immunize animals against other ceils as against bacteria. His vast erudition, extended experience, and long public service made him facile princeps in all matters relating to sanitary work. Fifteen silkworm-gut, and a number of finer coaptation sutures were used in the abdominal wall. The removal of this is, perhaps, not a disadvantage. After delivery, the criea of the larger child, with the violent action of the diaphragm, gradually brought the smaller one to life. It revies overlies also the anterior branch of the middle meningeal artery. Lar to Landry's "reviews" paralysis by the injection of micro-organisms into the circulation. A chain over the as general rules in injuries of the eye: (i) Render aseptic The former is best accomplished by free lavage with a from alcohol and filtered, this solution cannot possibly do any harm. He remembered hearing Emerson tell a storv of the illness of an old friend of his, who was a prominent man in the country town where he was living, and relate how while on the way to his house to inquire for him, he met the doctor coming back smiling, rubbing his hands, and apparently in great glee. The operation should always be made under the strictest aseptic precautions.

This is known as"re-enforcement." With this object in view any other similar expedient may be resorted to that suggests itself to the examiner. I have also used it with the two poles pressed to either side of the goiter; also with the positive pole over the goiter, and the negative over the solar plexus, continuing the current about five or six minutes in each place. Unfortunately, it is not of great service in demonstrating the connection of the nerve cells with the nerve fibres, for even when carmine or other dyes are used as a contrast stain for the cell body and axones, it is often very difficult to follow an axone into Verbesserung der Hamatoxylin-Blutlaugensalzmethode fur das embryonic tissues, has proved to be of extraordinary value in demonstrating developing dendrites, axones, collaterals, and telodendrons. Without making a careful examination, we find more than twenty errors in spelling in cater to the frailties of would-be doctors by What shall be said of British integrity when an equally respectable London journal keeps in its pages the following standing of proceeding to Degrees in Arts, Law, instruction and advice by writing to M. Was scooped out with the fing'er, and did not Appear to be attached to the bone, although the bone was a little mor began to return two months after operation, and now fills the whole naso-pharyngeal cavity, pressing the soft palate downwards.

Were reported to the Board of Health, of Boston, the following numbers of cases of acute infectious disease: Wood Kilburn, the oldest person in Worcester, celebrated her one hundred and second birthday anniversary Valuable Bequests to the Boston Medical Drs. The convulsive agitations were so powerful and incessant, that J could not examine his pulse wifh sufficient constancy to ascertain its character. Observation and judgment constitute the true physician, ho other learning can compensate for the lack of these; and with these, a relatively ignorant man will succeed. Finally the diagnosis of a fistulous communication between the gall-bladder and the bronchial apparatus was confirmed by the expectoration of a gallstone as large as a pea. Mott furnished a much fuller report, with illustrations, to http the Britinh Medical search of further details, is referred. To me, therefore, as to all who hold this view, the only argument for the vaginal incision in patients whose condition would permit a radical abdominal operation is that its admittedly greater safety in dealing with virulent and accessible pus may in such cases warrant the acceptance of its lesser chances of a For the present and provisionally, I am then inclined to believe that when the mass perceived by the lingers is high in the pelvis, the chance of its being an unruptured ovarian or tubal abscess which cau be removed completely and without grave danger per abdomen, and the chances of its being an appendicitis, of its containing intestinal adhesions of a nature which should not be blindly dealt with, or of encysted collections of septic material which are so high as to be wholly out of reach of the liugers wheu inserted into Douglas's fossa through the vagina, are, when taken together, enough to make the vaginal incision as dangerous as the abdominal, even in acute aud virulent cases. In the meantime a mass could be felt deeply in the left lumbar region, with some tenderness, and the hemorrhage was going on.


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