This disease is sometimes general, but frequently partial; in the latter torm constituting cutis variegata and' piebald skin.' The whiteness is referable to absence of pigment, which may be simply due to an arrest of function of the rete mucosum, or to an organic alteration of the integument. At present the former foundling institutions are nothing but depots for temporary admission and speedy distribution about the country. An aura is present in less than one-half of all cases, but it may be of great value and should always be carefully investigated. Intiammatory process has progressed far enough to destroy these elements. The stomach was always cleansed by lavage preceding these and all succeeding examinations to the present, which were made at weekly intervals for the first year and subsequently at lapses of one to three months. It often happens, in long-standing cases, that internal piles protrude outside the anus, yet, when they are returned into the bowel, they will remain for a short time, at least; but the external cannot be pushed up into the bowel. Recurrence after either of these procedures is extremely unusual. Universal hypertrophy, as seen in some cases of aortic regurgitation, lowers the apex to the seventh or eighth intercostal space and displaces it to the nipple-line, while the whole body Jars under its powerful efforts like a small tug-boat with a large engine. The patient died on A number of cases of disappearance of metastases following nephrectomy have been documented. Multiple eruptions have often been noted in croup, as in diphtheritic angina (See); they show different forms and simulate the exanthems of In adults the symptoms of croup present some differences, because of the shape and size of the larynx. The year attention to the fact that, for some time past, he could lie on his left as well as on his right side, whereas, for the past ten years, he had been able to sleep only on the side of the pleurisy.

Ment of the use of blood transfusion during major gastric change in extracellular fluids associated with major surgical operative electrolytes and adrenal activity, abstracted, Effects of experimental electrolyte depletion on renal water Renal response to acidosis during anesthesia and operation.

His experiments were conducted on forty-four guinea-pigs. Liver may be found enlarged, as in the so-called and diminished consistence of the liver; due to the presence of a large quantity of fat or oil in the secreting structure; and occurring in connection with phtliisis and other wasting diseases, or in persons of luxurious and indolent habits, in whom there is usually an abundant development of fat in tho tissues and other organs. Neuralgic poins, which are not wholly absent in elephantiasis tuberosa, are more obtrusive in elephantiasis ansMthetica. Whether these cures will prove permanent cannot, as j'et, be stated positively, for a permanent cure, strictly speaking, would mean freedom from relapse until the death of the patient. It makes all general regulations after consultation with the professional department, as to internal economy, admission and "" discharge of patients, distribution of beds, dietary and other matters. The fracture is comminuied when the bone is splintered.

The majority of such people die from their heart diseases between the ages of forty-five and sixty-five, leaving the remainder with less serious heart disease to live out their normal expected longevity. There is marked action of the nccotsocy retracted daring the inspiratory act; the action of the narus is very pronounced. A slight bloody discharge and the appearance of a few bubbles of air, in certain cases, demonstrate When this decortication is not possible the false pulmonary membrane must be removed en bloc from all points where it can be separated from the lung without too much tearing; and at the others, where it is too adherent, it must be thinned down. It means one who knows how to ask the right questions until he is clear in his own mind about the fundamentals of the story It means one who is allowing the source of his information to establish empathy.

Their preoperative physical status varied whose condition was diagnosed as cardiac, which were interpreted as decompensation craniotomies and those having extracorporeal circulation during surgery were excluded from the study group. He was a consulting orthopedic surgeon at Rochester General and Genesee Hospitals and an assistant attending orthopedic surgeon at Strong Memorial Hospital.

We shall see from the first that most cases which answer to the description of so-called frank pleurisy a frigore are really tubercular; cyto-diagnosis stamps them, and lymphocytosis unmasks their origin. May I show a lantern slide from that film, one of the sequence in the Dr. The rush of rubeola siw calarrho, liotheln, or rubella, closely resembles the eruption of measles; the spots, brighter in colour and even more discrete, are preceded by only one day of headache or slight sore-throat. When the masses of "" malignant disease project externally, they are frequently associated with pericarditis, either local or general.


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