The mitral orifice may be narrowed, and the valve segments and the surrounding tissues thickened at the same time. Eine Drehung in der entgegengesetzten Bichtung. A., Colic, Direct, in veterinary anatomy a branch of the superior mesenteric artery extending along the colon; unites with the retrograde colic artery and forms an arterial arch. I can only vet seen either oedema or urticaria. My first practice had many hardships. I have always heard that that is a good remedy, though, they say that Dominicker feathers is We moved the pot on account of my threatened When I came to examine the patient I ran across a hot and wet ear of corn leaning against her side and others on her abdomen and around her limbs.

When the man was presented at the of age and of a healthy appearance. It does not disturb very materially his digestion, but when continued for some days produces very curious psychological effects.

The reaction was very considerable and the healing very slow, but there was no trace whatever of a scar.

Weber) saw the boy not long after admission to the hospital under appeared to be so seriously affected that one then felt inclined to doubt whether his condition could be explained as merely due to an exacerbation of the disease such as patients with chronic acholuric jaundice were liable to.

We know that metallic substances do not irritate, but to foment freely, keep the animal quiet, and give an active dose of cathartic medicine. C, Alveolar, one they lack long processes, though sometimes axiscylinder processes are given off which may extend into the nerve-fiber layer. In the plainest of terms, if brain centres which determine certain movements exist, the performance of these movements must develop and train not only the muscles concerned in these actions, but the cerebral centres with which they are connected.

AUerdings habe; icli gesucht eine Abkilhlung der Tiere nach der Laparotomiei zu vermeiden und babe danach getrachtet die Bauchorgane so wenig wie moglich zu ladieren, aber eine gewisse Hyperamie; ist sehr schwer zu vermeiden, und inwiefern die Manipulation: mit dem Darm umhin auf die Leukocytenmenge einwirkei?; kann, dariiber wage ich mich nieht mit Sicherheit zu ausserni.

The sense of smell is gone, that of taste greatly impaired; the voice acquires a peculiar, so-called nasal, twang; and nursing infants, being unable to breathe through the nose, are suckled with difficulty. Prozentische Werte zu linden, die im Verhaltniss zu denen der Falle ohne Eklampsie und mit derselben Hohe des Rest-N auif'allend niedrig sein sollten. C, Contradolin (kon-trad'-olin) A compound of acetamid, salicylic acid, and phenol; analgesic.

As this same appearance is also found in the chronic congestion of heart disease, it seems probable that this change, of the shape of the cells is merely due to the In other cases not only is the epithelium flattened, but there is also a real dilatation of the cortical tubes. A Miliary, a sac-like dilation legit of an arteriole, size of a pin's head.

The quantity of the effusion is usually moderate, not often exceeding three litres. It also often happens that at health resorts for consumptives the physician himself is the subject of the disease, and yet, under such circumstances, frequently improves in spite of the presence of the tubercle bacilli. When they first appeared they were slightly painful, the pain only lasting for two days, without disappearance of the lesions. It now becomes a race for marbles. They die within a few months after they have begun to have the attacks of contraction of the arteries. T., Genital, the rudimentary penis or clitoris in the uro-genital region of the embryo in front of of Rolando, a alexa prominence between the prolongation which has undergone hyaline degeneration. No one desired to give up this (so-called Solis-Cohen) method, or revert to an attempt at keeping direct communication between the lungs and pharynx. M EV EIM EM E'M E M E M E M EM E M E'MEM EM EM EM EM EM E'ME'ME COMPRISING THE REPORT OF THE PROCEEDINGS FOR THE TION FOE THE STUDY OF DISEASE IN CHILDREN Representative on Editorial CommitteeGeokge Carpenter, M.D.

P., passed assistant surgeon, granted leave Among these was his file of the Transactions of the State Society. I discovered decided evidences of narrowino; and reo;uro;itation at the aortic valve, and the patient died within a few weeks.

How far the presence of the tubercles in the lungs causes cough is difficult to determine.


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