The nature of the precipitinogen in streptococci a,pparently changes under different conditions. Acetal has been used as a hypnotic with more or less success by Stoltenhoff," Holler," Peretti'," and Langreuter.'" Its unpleasant smell and taste, however, and the fact that it has no special advantages, will prevent it coming into general use. There was no vomiting of blood at any time during her illness. The portion of the agar which has become clouded is scraped away with a platinum spatula. Doubtless at first sight the pure oral system will commend itself, but contrast the monotony and paucity of expression in one so taught with the real and natural eloquence of those educated on the combined system, and I think few will agree that it is proper to deprive the mosses of the deaf of the use of their natural.Signing" is the natural language of the deaf-mute, articulate speech is foreign to him. In order to obviate this difficulty recourse was sometimes taken to passing the liquid through a plug of glass wool substitution of centrifugation for filtration produced no essential change in the characteristics of the extracts other than an increased clarity. D., Director Junior Colleges and Universities, is awarded to students for academic excellence, participation in academic and extra Mary is a very active member of Student Senate and revised the Student Senate Bylaws. Besides the usual symptoms of vaginal phlegmons, there are acute pains during coitus, a tendency to act, the application of cold, local abstraction of blood, Excision of the Primary Sore in the Prevention he excised the initial lesion of syphilis, with a result of preventing the appearance of secondary symptoms. It was discovered that his previous education had been limited, but that he was a remarkable cardplayer and a beautiful jobs dancer. The position of the hand first described as belonging to this disease is not absolutely pathognomonic, but where spasm of the muscles supplied by the ulnar nerve is entirely wanting, the case is probably not one of tetan)-. In an engagement with robbers, which had healed readily, (he bone not having been injured. In the Pennsylvania Health Bulletin, control of diseases declared communicable by this act and by regulation of the Department of Health. If the cases of Carrington and Cayley are to be regarded also as examples of portal cirrhosis, we have further evidence that the disease may be fatal in three months after the first occurrence of dyspepsia and of epigastric fullness, or two months after the first onset of ascites.

We chose the so-called garnet method, which we used thus: ten for each animal, were thoroughly cleaned with sulphuric acid, water, acetic acid, water, alcohol and finally ether. In the United States, in Australia, and in England large sums had been assigned by private benevolence for the furtherance of higher education; and they hoped that liberal-minded persons might be found within the sound of St.

And Scotland, too, would perhaps have remained free, had not the Scots availed themselves of the discomfiture of the English to make an irruption into their territory, which terminated in the destruction of their army by the plague and by the sword, Und the extension of the pestilence, through those who had escaped, over the whole country. The latter react not only to the parasites, but also to the necrotic tissue, around which they form a layer sequestrating it from the living tissue.

If in the condition of dialtetes there is a imderoxidation of glucose the percentage of glucose in the blood shotihl remain the same after it flows through the leg.

It is satisfactory to find from the reports of medical officers of health and others that there is a growing incUnation on the part of the public, both rich and poor, to.

In July all the cattle in Stein, Groblowitz, and Metzdorf (Silesia) were affected with' foot and that, in the middle of the winter, fourteen days after each other, and without a single exception, all were thoroughly salivated, just as happens when the old women of Hamburg cure the French, and other chronic diseases, with mercury. It formed a clean soothing application for ulcers, but they shewed no signs of healing. Hot baths, however, which increase the temperature of the body, cause proportionately redness of the skin, increased firequency of the heart's action and respirations, increased consumption of oxygen and exhalation of carbonic acid, the conversion of fat, and decomposition of the constituents of the body containing nitrogen, with corresponding increase of urea in the urine.

GiiOitdK Easte,s e.xplained that the resolutions were passed at a meeting of the Public Health Section ot Leeds, and were chiefly in respect to foreign health-resorts. Patients generally The exclusion of carbohydrates can never be complete and many patients do better on a diet not too rigid. A case of this kind is that of an officer, aged years of age, and served chiefly in India. In view of the lack of Witte peptone, the former standard for toxin production, it seemed desirable to utiHze only American peptone, especially since such a product would be constantly available. Acute cases, also, are to be distinguished by the presence, to a greater or less degree, of other micro-organisms, which are easily stained by the methyl blue. Frissell was also a member of the State Board of Examiners for Surgeons entering the Army during the war. If promotion in the Reserve after certain years of service is adopted, it will be seen that this proportion in grades will be greatly disturbed from time to time (linkedin). He also at the same time stronglj' insisted that the soft chancre, when accurately diagnosed, never gives rise to constitutional disease. This appears to be an excessive number, and one likely to lead to the production of too much shallow talk and superficial work. It is agreed by all who have used these currents that the therapeutical effect is one of increase of tone and general nutrition. Not its least obvious lesson is that so long as the laws affecting the practice of medicine and the incorporation of medical societies are exercised, in pursuance of their be enforced; but that, whenever such Ibgislation is attempted to be exercised in a selfish spint of tradesunionism, for the benefit of corporations and their members, and in disregard of the public needs and convenience, the same laws will be nullified by close technical constructions, and if not repealed will fall into" innocuous desuetude." The medical profession in this country has been free, fortunately, from those arbitrary limitations which enabled the untrained apothecary partially to supplant the physician in England, by making it unprofes-.

Fay are very comprehensive, marriages contracted by deaf-mutes being so much more frequent in the United States.


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