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Melbourne Cup 2011 late scratching – Mourayan

Lloyd Williams owned Mourayan has been scratched from today’s Melbourne Cup due to hoof problems. There was talks that Saturday’s Mackinnon Stakes runner up may be having issues after an announcement that he would wear bar plates in the race.

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Melbourne Cup 2011 speed map

CupInfo.com.au has done all the hard work for the 2011 Melbourne Cup by coming up with a speed map for the race that stops the nation. View the 2011 Melbourne Cup speed map.

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Melbourne Cup facts

Mebourne Cup 2011 news (cupinfo.com.au) takes a look at some interesting facts about the race that stops a nation.

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Updated Melbourne Cup 2011 dates

With less than a week left before the running of the 2011 Melbourne Cup we have updated the important dates that have passed and that are coming up including when the Melbourne Cup Field and Melbourne Cup Barrier Draws will be completed.

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Win a Melbourne Cup 2011 general admission ticket

There is only one week until the running of the 2011 Melbourne Cup at Flemington racecourse and we want to help share the excitement with our readers by giving away a general admission ticket to the race worth $74. Read how to enter it’s simple.

Ron Cross, Park Trent CEO

Ron Cross, Park Trent CEO

Ron Cross is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of an esteemed Australian company called “Park Trent Properties Group.” The corporate office for the firm is in North Wollongong in New South Wales. Ron Cross established Park Trent Properties Group at the end of the 1980s. 

Ron Cross is a highly respected real estate professional who has extensive experience and knowledge in the field. His job at Park Trent Properties Group is to offer dependable leadership to the entire company. Park Trent is notable for being the country’s biggest real estate group that’s also privately operated.

Ron Cross possesses more than four decades background in the business world. As a result, he’s extremely well-versed in the art of finding and taking good advantage of strong chances. He is fully devoted not only to his skilled team members but also to fine and hard work in general.

Ron Cross has an abundance of useful areas of expertise. These various areas of expertise are property management, sales in real estate, home equity loans, mortgage brokers, marketing techniques, property investment, insurance, contract negotiation, home loans and personal finance. He is extremely well-versed in many other related topics, as well.

There are nine separate offices for Park Trent located all throughout Australia. The company has two global offices, as well.

Finding the Best Day Spa in Melbourne

Finding the Best Day Spa in Melbourne

Nothing beats spending your rest day at a day spa in Melbourne, Australia. It’s that time to just calm the nerves and relax while you get pampered. But being a rare occasion for most busy people, whether it be the stay-at-home mom with 3 kids to take care of or the hardworking employee that clocks in 45+ hours per week, it is important to find the best spa facility out there. Here’s how you can find the best day spa Melbourne Body Freedom experience. 


During most work days, people are scrambling to finish work-related and family-related responsibilities. You simply don’t have the luxury of time to wait or adjust your schedule to fit the limited service hours of spa centers. The right spa should have flexible schedules and can service during late hours, weekends, and holidays. 


Anyone can claim they give the best foot spa or back rub, but only professionals can deliver quality service each and every time you walk into the facility. While you don’t really need a 4-year degree to work at a spa, minimum certification is required to ensure quality of services rendered. Look for a spa that is operated by certified professionals. Most day spa Melbourne centers will proudly display their certifications right in the lobby where guests come in. 


Is the center easily accessible? If not, how many minutes does it take to commute or drive to the area? Location is critical in finding the right day spa Melbourne center. You don’t want it to be too far away from your home as this takes up too much time and effort. 

Services Offered

In the future, you may need other services including massage therapy and facial care. Does the spa offer different services at the same good quality level? It takes time to find a long-term spa provider, and so you should be considering all the possibilities and scenarios when you’ll need the day spa Melbourne.